TERMS & CONDITIONS:   Every resort chain/resort/hotel has separate/different terms and conditions.  The general range of those terms is listed below.  These programs are designed to sell you some form of vacation ownership for future travel and not just give you a discounted trip.  

AGE RANGE:  25 to 70 years old.  The best range is 30 to 65.

TYPE OF TRAVELER:  Couples that are married or that live together and have matching addresses on their driver’s licenses, are prime prospects.  Married couples fit into almost all programs.  Single women who are divorced or single, also have access to a bunch of timeshare offers.  Single men have access to almost nothing, but there are a few programs that will accept them.

HOLIDAY TRAVEL: Few programs allow holiday travel and you should increase your booking time by 100 days when booking super peak or holiday travel windows.  Holiday travel windows are from Dec 19th through Jan 7 and the two weeks of spring break (Easter).

TAXES & OTHER FEES:  Every resort or hotel will have some sort of taxes or fees which are due at the time of booking.  This ranges between 10% and 18%.  There will also be some sort of transportation fee for both pickup and dropoff at any airport should you fly in.  Some timeshare offers include airport-to-resort transfers.

EXTRA FEE FOR EXTRA PEOPLE OR EXTRA NIGHTS:  Every program has a set number of nights and guests that are included in their offer.  Some programs will allow extra nights and extra guests, but there will be extra fees.  If you have kids, every resort will have rules on the ages of kids included free, especially any all-inclusive hotel.  With all-inclusive offers, some don’t allow kids, some allow kids to age 7 and some to age 12.  Each resort program is different.

TRAVELING WITH OTHER COUPLES:  This is a big NO, NO!  Resorts and hotels across the board consider this a super evil thing and if you get caught you will pay for your trip or be thrown out of the resort lobby.  There are very few resorts that allow this and if you get caught lying you will be charged for your trip and lose any fees you pay us.

DOUBLE DIPPING:  Traveling to multiple resorts or hotels on the same trip is also a big NO, NO.  However, there are a few that do allow this legally.  They are mainly in the USA and are just room-only offers.

TRIP PROTECTION:  This is highly encouraged and protects you from losing your trip due to illness or cancellation after a trip has been booked.  This ranges from $99 to $199 depending on how many trips you buy from us.  Trip protection allows you to rebook the same or another spot without penalty.

PRIMARY MARKET:  You need to live in the USA, Mexico, or Canada.  Places like Quebec Canada do not qualify.  Certain hotels won’t allow travelers from certain states.  This varies and organizing your trip is handled by our booking department.  

BBB:  The BBB is not my favorite service, but at least there is a service that gives you a voice.  If you look at the MonsterRG BBB account, you will see over 2500 reviews and some complaints.  Note, that for the size of this company and operation, the complaints are low (400 over the last 3 years and 230 this year).  Out of all these, the complaints are answered and the consumer is made happy the majority of the time.

BUY UP TO 5 TRIPS:  Sample the vacation programs available to you and your family.  There are many types of timeshare or vacation club programs.  See what fits for you and your family!  Build a relationship with us and we will do our best to make all your travel wishes happen.  Remember to give us plenty of notice of your upcoming travels.  The more notice you give us the more resort inventory you will have access to.  

PROBLEMS ARISE WHEN:  Where this falls apart is when consumers want a specific resort or set of dates.  When you give us lots of advanced notice like 90-plus days there should not be an issue.  The more flexible you are and the more notice you give the better.

OUT OF THE COUNTRY:   If you are traveling out of the country, consider your own trip insurance to cover plane tickets and health-related issues, and make sure every traveler has a passport including children and babies!  Never buy plane tickets until your trip is confirmed by our booking service.

NO CHARGE BACKS:  These are promotional trips and there is no refund.  If you follow these basic rules you will be fine.  You MUST do a recorded call which is our verification call and you will state that you understand these conditions for use.  

RECORDED LINE PROTECTS YOU:  On a recorded line everything you have been promised will be listed and some of these basic terms will be covered.  You will acknowledge that you give up your right to a chargeback or refund and that these are vacation promotions with terms you MUST meet. You will on the same recorded call state your names for the record and accept or deny our trip protection.  This call protects you from us saying something that is not true in our together-created deal and is your/our legal protection from failing to produce said vacations.

Explore Myrtle Beach Through A Timeshare Presentation Offer!

Welcome to the world of timeshare promotions, where vacationing meets unmatched value! Whether you’ve heard about it through a friend or you’re a seasoned traveler seeking a new kind of experience, Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions are an exciting way to explore some of the most appealing destinations in the country – like the charming Gatlinburg, TN.

Videos Of Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach:

15 Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach:

Timeshare Vacation Deals Myrtle Beach SC 1. Explore Broadway at the Beach: This entertainment complex offers a mix of shopping, dining, and attractions like Ripley’s Aquarium and WonderWorks.

2. Relax on Myrtle Beach: Enjoy the pristine sandy shores, soak up the sun, and take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Visit the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel: Take a ride on this iconic Ferris wheel for stunning panoramic views of the coastline and city.

4. Experience the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk: Stroll along this lively promenade lined with shops, restaurants, arcades, and thrilling attractions.

5. Go mini-golfing: Myrtle Beach is renowned for its mini-golf courses, offering unique themes and challenges for all ages.

Myrtle Beach Timeshare Vacation Fun Things To Do6. Explore Brookgreen Gardens: Discover this picturesque sculpture garden and wildlife preserve, featuring beautiful gardens and a collection of sculptures.

7. Enjoy live entertainment at The Carolina Opry: Watch captivating music, comedy, and dance performances at this renowned theater.

8. Splash around at Myrtle Waves Water Park: Cool off and have a blast on exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools.

9. Go on a fishing adventure: Try your luck with deep-sea fishing charters or cast a line off one of the piers in the area.

10. Discover Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Explore this oddities museum filled with bizarre exhibits, illusions, and interactive displays.

Myrtle Beach Timeshare Vacation Fun Things To Do11. Take a dolphin-watching cruise: Hop on a boat tour to catch glimpses of playful dolphins frolicking in the ocean.

12. Enjoy live music at the House of Blues: Dance the night away or catch a concert by well-known artists at this popular music venue.

13. Shop at Tanger Outlets: Find great deals and discounts on designer brands at this expansive outlet mall.

14. Try water sports: Engage in thrilling activities like jet skiing, parasailing, or paddleboarding for an adrenaline rush.

15. Visit Alligator Adventure: Get up close and personal with alligators, snakes, and other exotic animals at this reptile park.

Save On Travel To Myrtle Beach SC:

Timeshare Vacation Deals Myrtle Beach SCIf you’re considering a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and looking for great deals on accommodations, you may want to explore the option of utilizing Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions. These promotions can offer attractive packages and offer that allow you to experience the beautiful coastal city while enjoying the benefits of a timeshare property.

Myrtle Beach, known for its stunning beaches, lively boardwalk, and abundant entertainment options, has a thriving timeshare industry. Many resorts and vacation clubs in the area offer promotions and deals to attract potential buyers and allow them to experience the benefits of timeshare ownership.

When searching for Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions, you’ll come across various options and offers. These promotions can include discounted vacation packages, free or heavily discounted accommodations, and even additional perks such as dining vouchers, show tickets, or access to exclusive amenities. The purpose of these promotions is to entice you to attend a timeshare presentation, where you’ll learn more about the vacation club or resort and their ownership opportunities.

Timeshare Vacation Deals Myrtle Beach SCTo take advantage of a timeshare promotion, you typically need to attend a timeshare presentation. These presentations are designed to showcase the benefits of owning a timeshare and provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. While attending a presentation is a requirement, it’s important to note that there is no obligation to purchase a timeshare. You can simply enjoy the presentation, take advantage of the offered perks, and make your own decision afterward.

When considering Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions, it’s worth mentioning the difference between North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, quieter beaches, and a more laid-back vibe. South Myrtle Beach, on the other hand, is known for its bustling boardwalk, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of entertainment options. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a timeshare promotion that suits the atmosphere you desire.

Myrtle Beach timeshare packages can vary depending on the resort or vacation club you choose. Some packages may offer accommodations in luxurious resorts with multiple bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and stunning ocean views. Others may include access to on-site amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and restaurants. The packages can also offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the number of nights you wish to stay and the activities you want to participate in.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Timeshare Vacation PromotionsBefore committing to a timeshare promotion, it’s essential to research the resort or vacation club thoroughly. Look for reviews, check their reputation, and verify the terms and conditions of the promotion. Ensure that the accommodations, amenities, and location aligns with your preferences and travel goals.

In conclusion, Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions can be an excellent way to experience the beauty and attractions of this popular coastal destination while enjoying the advantages of timeshare ownership. By attending a timeshare presentation, you can take advantage of discounted packages, and complimentary perks, and learn more about the vacation club or resort. Just remember to do your due diligence, compare offers, and make an informed decision that suits your vacation needs.

Stay Up To 4 Nights In Myrtle Beach SC:

*Specific resorts and hotels cannot be guaranteed as they are based on space available. 

  1. AVISTA RESORT: Luxurious and contemporary, Avista Resort embodies coastal living with its stunning ocean views, state-of-the-art amenities, and rooms with plush furnishings.

  2. A PLACE AT THE BEACH: Offering private access to the tranquil beach, this resort promises a serene escape with cozy accommodations and enchanting ocean vistas.

  3. BAREFOOT RESORT: Embraced by natural beauty, Barefoot Resort boasts picturesque views of the golf course, exquisite dining options, and expansive, comfortable suites.

  4. BEACH COLONY: With direct access to a sandy beach, Beach Colony features spacious rooms, on-site restaurants, and exciting water features, creating an inviting environment for families.

  5. BEACH COVE RESORT: At Beach Cove Resort, tropical decor, private balconies overlooking the ocean, and numerous swimming pools ensure a fun and relaxing vacation.

  6. BEACH HOUSE GOLF & RACQUET CLUB: Nestled by the beach and a golf course, this club provides a well-rounded holiday experience with tastefully decorated rooms and well-manicured fairways.

  7. BLUEGREEN SHORE CREST VACATION VILLAS I & II: These villas combine luxury with homely comfort, offering expansive living spaces, fully equipped kitchens, and mesmerizing views of the ocean.

  8. CAPTAINS QUARTERS RESORT: An ideal family destination, this resort features oceanfront rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and a bowling alley for endless entertainment.

  9. CARAVELLE: With its sophisticated rooms, expansive pools, and gourmet dining, Caravelle offers guests an exquisite beachfront holiday experience.

  10. CAROLINA WINDS: Combining leisure and adventure, Carolina Winds offers beachfront access, an array of water sports, and comfortable accommodations with private balconies.

  11. CLUB WYNDHAM AT THE COTTAGES: This Club Wyndham property combines the privacy of cottages with resort-style amenities, including swimming pools and recreational activities.

  12. CLUB WYNDHAM OCEAN BOULEVARD: Towering over North Myrtle Beach, this resort showcases art-deco design, private beach access, and a variety of on-site dining and entertainment options.

  13. CLUB WYNDHAM PETE DYE VILLAS: Nestled amidst a beautifully designed golf course, these villines provide a quiet retreat with spacious rooms and patios overlooking lush greenery.

  14. CLUB WYNDHAM SEAWATCH RESORT: With its private beach, lush gardens, and several swimming pools, this resort offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

  15. CLUB WYNDHAM WESTWINDS: Located just steps from the beach, this property offers spacious rooms with home-like comforts, and an array of water-based activities.

  16. CLUB WYNDHAM TOWERS ON THE GROVE: Standing elegantly on the beachfront, this resort offers stylishly decorated rooms with balconies, an outdoor pool, and a variety of recreational facilities.

  17. CORAL BEACH RESORT AND SUITES: Coral Beach Resort offers vibrant accommodations, an on-site entertainment zone, and direct beach access, perfect for a fun-filled family vacation.

  18. COUNTRY CLUB VILLAS: Set amidst a lush golf course, these villas offer a tranquil retreat with spacious accommodations, outdoor pools, and easy access to golfing facilities.

  19. COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT MYRTLE BEACH BROADWAY: Centrally located, this hotel offers sleek accommodations, a lively lounge, and close proximity to popular tourist attractions.

  20. CROWN REEF: Overlooking the azure ocean, Crown Reef features water slides, spacious rooms, and a year-round water park, offering the perfect family getaway.

  21. FAIRFIELD INN BY MARRIOTT: Combining comfort and convenience, this hotel offers modern accommodations, a complimentary breakfast, and easy access to local attractions.

  22. FAIRFIELD INN MYRTLE BEACH BROADWAY AT THE BEACH: Ideally located, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a daily breakfast, and is just steps away from popular dining and entertainment venues.

  23. FOREST DUNES: Surrounded by natural beauty, Forest Dunes offers cozy rooms with stunning views, and an outdoor pool area for relaxation.

  24. FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON MYRTLE BEACH: Offering modern rooms, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center, this hotel provides a comfortable stay with easy access to the beach and local attractions.

  25. GRANDE SHORES RESORT: Perched on the oceanfront, Grande Shores boasts panoramic views, comfortable rooms, and a rooftop pool that offers a unique place to unwind.

  26. HARBOUR LIGHTS: Located near the Intracoastal Waterway, Harbour Lights features charming accommodations, outdoor pools, and a plethora of activities for the whole family.

  27. HOLIDAY INN AT THE PAVILION: Centrally located on the Boardwalk, this hotel offers oceanfront rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, and proximity to Myrtle Beach’s vibrant nightlife.

  28. HOMEWOOD SUITES MYRTLE BEACH GRAND COASTAL MALL: This all-suite hotel offers spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and a convenient location near shopping and dining options.

  29. HORIZON AT 77TH: With panoramic ocean views, elegantly furnished rooms, and tranquil pools, Horizon at 77th offers a peaceful escape amidst the lively atmosphere of Myrtle Beach.

  30. HOTEL BLUE: An adults-only hotel featuring swim-up bar, modern rooms, and a relaxing pool area, Hotel Blue is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

  31. LA QUINTA INN & SUITES BY WYNDHAM MYRTLE BEACH: Conveniently located, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and complimentary breakfast, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.

  32. LA QUINTA INN BY WYNDHAM NORTH MYRTLE BEACH: Situated near the beach, this hotel offers cozy accommodations, an outdoor pool, and easy access to local attractions.

  33. LANDMARK: The iconic Landmark offers a unique stay with its indoor water park, spacious rooms, and a spectacular view of the beach from its SkyWheel.

  34. LINKS GOLF & RACQUET CLUB: Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, this club offers access to a well-manicured golf course, tennis courts, and comfortable accommodations.

  35. MARITIME BEACH CLUB: Overlooking the North Myrtle Beach, this club offers oceanfront accommodations, a large pool, and a variety of recreational activities.

  36. MERIDIAN PLAZA: Offering direct beach access, Meridian Plaza boasts oceanfront suites, indoor and outdoor pools, and a tranquil sun deck for ultimate relaxation.

  37. MYRTLEWOOD VILLAS: Set in a serene landscape, these villines offer spacious accommodations with a fully equipped kitchen, balcony views, and easy access to golf courses.

  38. OCEAN CLUB RESORT MYRTLE BEACH A RAMADA BY WYNDHAM: Offering beachfront access, this resort provides spacious suites, multiple pools, and an on-site restaurant for a convenient and comfortable stay.

  39. OCEAN CREEK: Sprawling across 57 acres, Ocean Creek offers a resort-like experience with its numerous pools, beach club, and various dining options.

  40. OCEAN DRIVE BEACH & GOLF RESORT: Nestled next to a vibrant beach, this resort combines relaxation and fun with its comfortable rooms, golf course, and live entertainment.

  41. OCEAN FOREST COLONY: This resort offers an intimate vacation experience with its private beach, cozy accommodations, and peaceful surroundings.

  42. PALACE RESORT: The Palace Resort caters to the needs of all travelers with its oceanfront suites, indoor and outdoor pools, and convenient location near popular attractions.

  43. PRINCE RESORT: Offering stunning views of the Cherry Grove Pier, Prince Resort features modern accommodations, rooftop pools, and an on-site restaurant.

  44. PEPPERTREE BY THE SEA: Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this resort offers comfortable accommodations, an outdoor pool, and easy beach access for a laid-back vacation.

  45. SANDY SHORES II: Situated a stone’s throw from the beach, Sandy Shores II offers spacious accommodations, a swimming pool, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  46. SCHOONER BEACH & RACQUET CLUB: Positioned on the white sandy beach, this club provides oceanfront accommodations, tennis courts, and an outdoor pool.

  47. SEA CREST OCEANFRONT RESORT: With its beachfront location, variety of pools, and on-site cafe, Sea Crest Resort offers a lively and relaxing vacation experience.

  48. SEASIDE RESORT: Offering panoramic ocean views, Seaside Resort features comfortable suites, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center, perfect for a rejuvenating getaway.

  49. SEA WATCH RESORT: Nestled on the coastline, this resort offers luxury accommodations, multiple pools, and two lazy rivers for the ultimate beach holiday.

  50. SHERATON MYRTLE BEACH: Located in the heart of the city, this hotel offers elegantly furnished rooms, a convention center, and is in proximity to the beach and local attractions.

  51. STAYBRIDGE SUITES: These suites provide a home away from home with their fully-equipped kitchens, comfortable living spaces, and a location near top attractions.

  52. THE SANDBAR HOTEL: A budget-friendly option, this hotel offers simple and clean accommodations, an outdoor pool, and quick access to the beach.

  53. WINDY SHORES: Offering direct beach access, Windy Shores features spacious accommodations, a large pool, and is conveniently located near shopping and dining options.

  54. YACHTSMAN RESORT: With its oceanfront location, the Yachtsman Resort offers spacious accommodations, outdoor pools, and a plethora of activities, promising a memorable beach vacation.

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Where Is Myrtle Beach Located?

Myrtle Beach is located along the eastern coast of the United States in the state of South Carolina. It is part of what is commonly referred to as the “Grand Strand,” a 60-mile stretch of sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Myrtle Beach is positioned roughly midway down the Atlantic seaboard, approximately 67 miles northeast of Charleston, SC, and about 150 miles east of the state capital, Columbia. It’s also around 74 miles southeast of Florence, SC. The city is conveniently accessed via Highway 17, Interstate 95, and the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 33.6891° N latitude and 78.8867° W longitude.

With its prime location, Myrtle Beach serves as a popular vacation destination for those looking to enjoy the beach, golf, shopping, dining, and a variety of other entertainment options.

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Final Thoughts About Saving On travel To Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Timeshare Vacation PromotionsExperience the full breadth of the Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions 2023 catalog, offering a fantastic selection of timeshare deals. Myrtle Beach is your stepping stone to a memorable vacation in Gatlinburg, featuring a variety of resorts, hotels, and villas to cater to every taste and budget.

Our timeshare presentations in Myrtle Beach, SC, are a gateway to timeshare vacation packages in Myrtle Beach that could lead you to the heart of the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. Our timeshare promotions in Myrtle Beach offer you the chance to unlock savings that can be spent immersing yourself in the local culture and exploring stunning local attractions.

Imagine taking part in a Myrtle Beach timeshare presentation, where we walk you through our current timeshare offers in Myrtle Beach, showcasing a collection of top-tier vacation deals. These Myrtle Beach timeshare deals are a dynamic, ever-evolving selection of timeshare vacation packages with an inventory that shifts to showcase the best of what’s available.

As part of our Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions, many of our resorts, hotels, and villas offer a range of included extras like show or excursion tickets. These bonuses add even more value to your timeshare deals in Myrtle Beach and offer you the chance to explore and experience more of what Gatlinburg, TN has to offer.

Myrtle Beach Timeshare Vacation Fun Things To DoTake advantage of our North Myrtle Beach timeshare promotions and take part in timeshare tours in Myrtle Beach to discover the potential of your next vacation. Dive into the world of beach timeshare promotions with us, and let us guide you towards your dream vacation. Remember, the availability of promoted resorts and hotels can change, so don’t wait to secure your spot.

Timeshare promotions are more than just a way to save on your vacation. They are your ticket to exploring new places and creating unforgettable memories. Let our timeshare vacation deals in Myrtle Beach be your gateway to the wonders of Gatlinburg, TN. The adventure begins with a timeshare presentation in Myrtle Beach. We look forward to welcoming you!

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