Punta Sur (Isla Mujeres)

Punta Sur (The Most Eastern Part Of Mexico)

Looking to visit Isla Mujeres Mexico?  Punta Sur is the southern tip of Isla Mujeres and it’s name actually means “southern point” in english.  There is a park and 34 foot lighthouse where you can view Cancun.  There is a small garden called the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden.  There are some temple ruins.

Punta Sur Things To Reference:

Punta Sur Map Location:

Punta Sur is located on the south side of Isla Mujeres.  Punta Sur is 60 feet above sea level.  

Punta Sur Fun Things To Do:

Just north of Punta Sur is Garrafon Reef park another great place to stop at during your visit to Isla Mujeres..  

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