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Cassen Park Ormond Beach

Stuff To Know About Cassen Park:

Cassen Park is one of the Four Corners Parks located at the base of the four corners of the Route 40 Ormond Bridge.  Cassen Park is located riverside and gives direct access to a boat launch and 1/3 mile river walkway!  On the other side of the highway is Bailey’s Riverfront Gardens Park.  This park (Cassen park) is connected to Bailey’s Riverfront Gardens Park by the under the bridge pass or a 1/3 mile riverwalk.  The riverwalk is made of wood decking and is really nice.  There are areas where you can fish or just sit and enjoy a breeze and view.  On the other side of the river is The Casements (Rockefeller’s Summer Home) and Fortunato Park.

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Where Is Cassen Park?

Cassen Park is located at: 1 S Beach St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

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Have you been to Cassen Park in Ormond Beach? What did you think of that riverwalk?

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