Playa Del Carmen MX

Playa Del Carmen Mexico: Just 30 Minutes South Of Cancun!

Have you heard about Playa Del Carmen?  Playa Del Carmen has more to offer than Cancun!  Below is a growing collection of videos all about PDC.  Playa is where you catch the ferry to Cozumel Island.  Playa has 5th avenue which is the largest out door market I have ever seen anywhere!!!  If you are looking for shopping there are over 2,000 stores, hundreds of bars, beach excursions galore and endless restaurants.  Nightlife is off the hook and gets crazier the closer you get to tenth street & fifth ave.  have a look for yourself and if you love Playa comment below!

Click to watch, hover for the title or scroll to reveal the next set of video thumbnails. There are 40+ Playa Del Carmen videos above that show you this MUST SEE area of the Mexican Caribbean!

Here is a collection of pictures & images of Playa Del Carmen Mexico!

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