Oxkintoc Mayan Ruin Videos:

Exploring the ruins of Oxkintok near Merida

What to see at Oxkintok Ruins

The “Three Sun Stone” ruins of Oxkintok can be found on the edge of the Puuc Hills near the city of Merida. The site has four complexes and numerous pyramids for travelers to discover. The entry arch to the Ah Dzib group of structures is built in a similar style to that of the famous Gateway Arch at the Labna ruins. 

These pre-Columbian ruins are home to the “potbellied gods,” sculptured of gods with large bellies that stand in front of the Ah Canul Palaces. Though the structures were unlikely to have served as dwellings for royalty, the ruins of Oxkintok were certainly used for religious and ceremonial purposes.

Unfortunately, the largest structure on the site, the three-tiered pyramid, is no longer open to climbing. 

Getting to Oxkintok Ruins

The Oxkintok Ruins can be reached by car in just over an hour. They are northwest of the Uxmal ruins and can be seen together with other Ruta Puuc ruins such as Sayil and Kabah. Taxis will gladly take you for a fee, but a better way to see the ruins is to book a local guide or connect with a tour group through TripAdvisor. 

Map Of The Ruins Of Oxkintoc:

Oxkintoc Archaeological Zone – Maxcanú, Yucatan, Mexico
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