Escape Room (Holbox Island)

Isla Holbox has an escape room!

Have you escaped before from some other place in time?  Some say the spirits of pirates have taken tourists and they have never been heard from again.  Think you can escape the Pirates Of Holbox?  I’ll be there is June and can’t wait to see if I survive! 

The Plot: The boat is sinking...

Pirates and Holbox Islands Escape Room

You have been captured by the Pirates of Holbox. During the battle the ship was compromised and it's starting to sink. You've got just one hour to unlock your chains, to find the treasure and escape before it's too late...

Video: Holbox Island Escape Room:

I haven’t been able to find any video on this activity.  If you produce or find on, link to it below…  Visit their Facebook Page here:

You can also visit their website here:

Where Is Holbox Island?

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