Coupons for Aktun Chen Natural Eco Park:

Aktun Ha Cenote
20% OFF!

This tour has an in-house affiliate program that offers consumers an up to 20% off coupon for booking online.

This is very highly rated & famous cave walk!

Flip through dozens of Atkun Chen Cave and zip line videos:

A Top Rated Cave Walk & More!

Located about 25 minutes from Playa Del Carmen and 50 minutes from Cancun is one of the top TripAdvisor rated tours and excursions in Akumal Mexico!  Aktun Chen is considered one of the most complete jungle adventures and has been rated by National Geographic as one of the top 10 underground cave walks in the world! Here’s the article:  Top 10 Underground Cave Walks

You can read reviews of what other consumers are saying here on TripAdvisor.  As of the writing of this post, 433 out of 466 (now 681) tourist voted this Cancun area attraction 4 or 5 stars!  That’s a 93% positive rating and puts it at #4 (now #3) on the TripAdvisor list of attractions for the area!  Buy your tickets here:  Aktun Chen Nature Park Tickets

Here are a few extra Atkun Chen Coupons for the specific activities and also for all the activities as a combo.

Zipline - $44.00

Have you ever tried zip lining? It’s time to visit Aktun-Chen! Take a fantastic ride 25 feet above the ground with the entire jungle spread out below! Zip lining in our park is safe and easy – we use the latest equipment and run training sessions for novi

Underground river - $33.00

Discover the exciting world of Aktun Chen underwater caves in the heart of Mexico’s Caribbean Coast! Snorkeling in one of the most picturesque places on earth will turn your trip into a truly unforgettable adventure!

Cave - $29.00

Longing for fresh emotions and exciting adventures? Set foot into a five million year-old Mayan cave located in the heart of the Aktun-Chen park and take a fascinating tour of its shady tunnels strewn with myriads of spectacular stalactites!

Combo - $106.00

Cave, zipline and underground river. Do the 3 activities and get lunch for free! Combo tour lasts around 5 hours. Dont forget your towel. Lockers and equipment included.

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