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Mexico is full of beautiful places many of which are basically cenotes. Every other cenote is so magical that it makes it look like a getaway place to spend a day on. There is a number of these cenotes which are breathtakingly beautiful and a sight worth seeing. If you feel like disconnecting from the world and want some me-time for yourself, then Cenote Kaak is your spot, for sure.

Cenote Kaak is an open cenote surrounded by big stone walls, completely covered with the lush vegetation of the Mayan jungle. This cenote is one of the most peaceful cenotes you will ever visit. Cenote Kaak is also referred to as the “Fire Cenote”. The cenote is surrounded by jungle which connects to the cenote as well. The cenote is extremely scenic with beautiful colors and stunningly clean water.

Cenote Kaak is a beauty in its kind and a must visit if you are staying near this place. You can get adventurous while you are there as it brings out the inner child of you. There are two ways you can make the most of this cenote, one is that you can relax in the cool water or you can swim while exercising in the river. There are many activities to involve in at this cenote.

A very exciting thing is the zip line through which you can dive in the water. Another eye-catching activity present there is the waterslide, you can enter in the water through it as well. The depth of cenote is approximately seven to nine meters. It is away from all the hustle bustle of daily life and a perfect place for you to unwind all the tiredness.

The facility of changing rooms, lockers and showers are present there. At the entrance, you will get to see an orchid path. When you cross this path, you find your way to the cenote. There are butterflies and dragonflies flying everywhere because of many trees around. Towards the end of the cenote you can find a cave in which you can relax.

A few tips you should consider before going to this cenote are that photography is allowed, so you can take your waterproof cameras for underwater pictures. The site is said to have Jicotea turtle, so you can keep your eyes open to spot it. The orchid path is very calming so enjoy it. For the best experience, enjoy every bit of it to relax yourself. Indulge in the beauty of nature and forget all your worries.

A little peace for yourself will be of no harm to anyone. 

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