Rockefeller gardens (The Casements park)

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Stuff To Know About Rockefeller Gardens (The Casements):

The Casements Park also known as Rockefeller Gardens is located by the river and the route 40 bridge, on the beachside of the river.  There is a museum and a large park that spans both sides of the river.  The other side of the bridge on the same side of the river is called Fortunato Park.  There is plenty of parking on either side and you can walk between the two underneath the bridge or even bike it!  Check out Fortunato Park which is connected to this park (The Casements) and leads to the other side of the bridge (north, same side of river).  On the other side of the river are two other parks which are part of the four corners parks.  They are Cassen Park and Bailey’s Riverfront Gardens Park.  There is a huge long 1/3 mile riverwalk that is highly suggested by me!  I loved it.

Videos: The Casements Park

Where Is The Casements Park or Rockefeller gardens?

The Casements Park is located at: 25 Riverside Dr, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

Pictures: The Casements Park or Rockefeller Gardens?

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