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Things to do at the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve:

Getting to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Located just under two hours away from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve is a must see for nature and animal loves. Punta Laguna is a unique opportunity for travelers to catch a rare glimpse of spider monkeys in the wild and tour the nearby Mayan village for a peek at indiginous Mexican culture.

By far the least stressful way to get to Punta Laguna Nature Reserve is through a guided tour that offers hotel pick-up and drop-off. When you book your tour through a site like TripAdvisor or through your hotel’s concierge, you won’t need to worry about a rental car or public transportation. Just hop into an air-conditioned van, grab a complimentary bottle of water, and enjoy the scenic drive from Cancun.

Things to see at the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Wildlife at Punta Laguna

A trip to Punta Laguna is guaranteed to provide up close and personal access to the Yucatan’s vibrant flora and fauna. One of the greatest draws to the area is the diverse wildlife. With the help of a tour guide, you can wander through the lush reserve and look up at howler monkeys and the elusive spider monkeys. Just watch out for falling fruit! You will also have the chance to see plenty of colorful birds, lizards, and (unfortunately to some) insects. If you have a fear of large grasshoppers, this trip might not be for you. But it is definitely worth that added fear factor for bug haters to see the tropical birds and furry monkeys.

Cenote at Punta Laguna

We hope you brought your swimwear! The cenote at Punta Laguna Nature Reserve is very unique, in that you need to rappel down a rope ladder to get inside this underground cavern. To access the cenote, you will need to walk the trail through the lush greenery and canoe across a lagoon (all part of regular tours through Punta Laguna). The underground cenote is a 30 foot drop, so hold onto the rope ladder and descend carefully. As with many cenotes, you are bound to experience crystal clear cool water, ragged rock ceilings, and some sleeping bats hanging upside down in the cave.

Pro Tips for visiting Punta Laguna

There are a few things to remember about your trip to Punta Laguna. Operating hours for the nature reserve are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There is a fee to access the reserve which is around $10 USD. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, be sure to book a full tour that includes a guide and activities.

This goes without saying, but it bears repeating: bring sunscreen, insect repellant, water, and swimwear. These necessities may not be available to you at the nature reserve. Though, if you book a guided tour, you will likely have access to bottled water.

And, of course, bring your camera for some unforgettable photos of the beautiful wildlife at Punta Laguna Nature Reserve.

Map Of Punta Laguna Reserve:

punta Laguna Monkey Reserve Tours & Excursions:

Here are the affiliate programs that offer tour and excursions related to the Monkey Sanctuary.  

Get Your Guide Monkey Sanctuary Tours & Excursions:

Check out this full day (9 hour) tour and excursion from Get Your Guide.  Play in the jungle alongside Spider and Awler monkeys in the Punta Laguna Reserve.  Hike through the jungle, or experience it from the thrill of a zip-line!  Enjoy a guided tour of the archaeological site of Coba.  Dine on a traditional meal by the lake.  Attend a real Mayan Ceremony.

Viator Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary Tours & Excursions:

Here are 2 expeditions to the Monkey Sanctuary and Coba by Viator.

  • Coba Ruins and Punta Laguna Monkey Reserve Day Tour from Tulum
  • Description:Mayan culture and adventure together in one trip! Visit the Mayan ruins of Coba, ride a bicycle to get to the pyramid, climb it and admire the view that the Mayan priest observed from the top, participate in a Mayan ceremony, paddle a kayak trough the lag
  • Price: $194.88
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