Escape Rooms (Cozumel)

Looking for an escape room on the island of Cozumel?

Discover a Cozumel Island escape room at Escape Room Cozumel.  Looks like there is currently just one escape room in Cozumel.  It’s located here: 

They have closed till November 2019 so they can remodel and perhaps create several more escape rooms!

They currently are showing 3 escape room themes which include Maddie’s Missing, Double Crossed and Rescue The Professor!  Who knows what themes they may have when they reopen in November!

Here’s a quick run down of the currently listed escape rooms:

Maddie’s Missing

The 7 year old daughter of a powerful Cozumel couple was last seen in her bedroom. It’s feared that the Agents of Azteca, a criminal organization sworn to destroy the Cozumel Detective Agency, has kidnapped her. Putting at risk far too many family secrets that must never see the light of day!

Find the clues and unravel the circumstances behind her disappearance before the police arrive… an eventuality her parents cannot risk.

Double Crossed

It seems there is a traitor hidden within the ranks of the Cozumel Detective Agency! You and your team of counter-espionage experts have been selected by Chief Scott to conduct a black bag operation: Infiltrate the suspect’s office, uncover his plans and expose the double agent.

You have precisely 60 minutes to clear out of Secret Agent Max’ office or risk being caught by an Agent of Azteca, who is of course… licensed to kill.

Rescue The Professor

A noted professor of archaeology has not returned from a newly discovered Mayan temple where it is believed he was searching for the last great emperor’s golden calendar… a relic rumored to possess unimaginable power. Chief Scott fears that Agents of Azteca have captured him.

Your mission: penetrate the sacred temple with a team of adventurous detectives, find the professor and escape before it’s too late.

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