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Daytona Beach Alligators

Where can you see alligators in Daytona Beach?

More Gator Videos Below!

Daytona Beach Area Alligator Videos:

Below are some popular videos of alligators in Daytona Beach.  If you are just wanting to look at some gators, the Congo River Mini-golf has about 20 baby alligators in a water pen.  If you are concerned about alligators, then consider they won’t go in the intercoastal waterway or Ocean because of the salt water (brackish water).  When in this type of water you have sharks (lol).  

Also note that you just don’t swim or go near most pond like water here.  Not because of alligators but bugs and mosquitoes.  If you are fishing then you should be aware.  As a local I have not seen any random alligators roaming about anywhere I have tread.  Halifax River or the Intercoastal Waterway are clear of alligators.

If you go inland from Daytona like 20 miles or head to the glades you will see many more alligators.  Lake Okeechobee in Florida has the most alligators due to overall size but Lake Jesup has about 13,000 all to itself.

If fear is your concern, there are about 7 unprovoked alligator attacks per year in Florida State.  If you are kayaking places like the Tomoka River, there are gators.  They will not attack you and you should just ignore them.  Odds are one in 2.4 million that you will be attacked!

Where Can You See Alligators Near Daytona Beach?


If you want a serious experience with alligators in the Daytona Beach area you should go to Gatorland in Orlando!

Come face to face with thousands of alligators and crocodiles! 

There is a alligator show where you can watch a gator wrestler wrangle a 6 to 8 foot alligator from their 800 seat stadium. 

Watch gators jump four foot out of the water and see four very rare leucistic white alligators! 

Get access to the free-flight aviary, petting zoo, one-of-a-kind animal shows, and alligator breeding marsh.

Daytona Beach Area Map:

Don’t know the Daytona Beach area?  Here is a map so you can find your way around Daytona Beach!

Daytona Beach Area Alligator Sightings:

It’s rare but there have been sightings in Daytona Beach.  It’s even more rare if you ever see an alligator on the other side of the river.  It has happened but only a few times in the last few decades.  Below is a video of an alligator in a Florida ladies kitchen.

Remember, alligators don’t like salt water and hey can’t live in it forever.  Below are the few videos I could find on actual alligators making it across the Halifax River into Daytona Beach Shores.  There was also a guy that was feeding one in a pond but that was inland before the river Daytona Beach.  The alligator he was feeding was a 6 foot gator!  Reminds me of the gator in the movie Lake Placid!  No shit!  He was arrested and fined for feeding an wildlife (alligator and turtles) illegally.  


Did you encounter alligators in Daytona Beach? Where did you see them and where they wild or at a local alligator farm? Tell us your gator story here!

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