Discover The Fun At Sky Reef (Skyreef) Park Cozumel Island!

Sky Reef Cozumel Island Overview:

Sky-Reef Snorkel Park is a popular tourist destination located on the western side of Cozumel island, Mexico. The park offers visitors an opportunity to experience the colorful underwater world of Cozumel through snorkeling and diving. Here is some information about Sky-Reef Snorkel Park, including prices and other details that visitors may find useful.

Activities at Sky-Reef Snorkel Park:
Sky-Reef Snorkel Park offers a wide range of water activities, including:

1. Snorkeling: Visitors can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and explore the colorful marine life of Cozumel.

2. Diving: The park is also a popular destination for divers who want to explore the coral reefs and underwater life of Cozumel. Certified instructors are available for those who need it.

3. Paddleboarding: The park offers paddleboarding, which is an excellent way to explore the shoreline and observe the beauty of Cozumel from a different perspective.

4. Kayaking: Kayaking is also available at the park, which is an excellent way to explore the coastline of Cozumel.

5. Relaxing: Visitors can also choose to relax on the beach and soak up the sun while enjoying the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Prices at Sky-Reef Snorkel Park:
The prices at Sky-Reef Snorkel Park vary depending on the activity and the package chosen. Here are some of the prices for the activities:

1. Snorkeling: $35 USD per person. The package includes snorkel gear rental, life jacket, and entrance fee.

2. Diving: $90 USD per person. The package includes two dives, diving gear rental, and entrance fee.

3. Paddleboarding: $25 USD per hour. The package includes paddleboard rental and life jacket.

4. Kayaking: $25 USD per hour. The package includes kayak rental and life jacket.

5. Relaxing: Entrance to the beach is free, and visitors can choose to bring their own food and drinks or buy them at the park’s restaurant.

Vendors at Sky-Reef Snorkel Park:
There are several vendors at the park that offer snorkeling and diving tours, including:

1. Aqua Safari: Aqua Safari is a popular dive operator that offers dive and snorkeling tours in Cozumel. They offer various packages, including a beginner’s dive, a two-tank dive, and a snorkeling tour.

2. ScubaTony: ScubaTony is another popular dive operator that offers private and personalized dive tours in Cozumel. They also offer snorkeling tours for those who want to explore the underwater world of Cozumel.

3. Paradise Beach Cozumel: Paradise Beach Cozumel is a beach club located near Sky-Reef Snorkel Park. They offer various water activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. They also have a restaurant and a bar on-site.

Overall, Sky-Reef Snorkel Park is an excellent destination for those who want to explore the underwater world of Cozumel. Visitors can choose from a wide range of activities and packages that suit their needs and budget.

Sky Reef Cozumel Map:

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