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Mexico is full of beautiful places many of which are basically cenotes. Every other cenote is so magical that it makes it look like a fairytale place to spend a day on. For explanation, cenotes are sinkholes that are filled with refreshing cold water with various rock formations and stalactites. Cenote Xcanche is a cenote situated in Ek Balam, Mexico.

Choosing a cenote out of many options is a very difficult choice because every cenote looks magnificent. But cenote Xcanche is a beauty in its kind and a must visit if you are staying near this place. Cenote Xcanche is situated within the Maya site called Ek Balam. There is an entrance fee for cenote Xcanche but if you have to visit cenote Ek Balam which is another cenote there, you have to pay additional fee for it.

They rent bicycles and tricycles for you to visit the cenote. With a package of 400 pesos you get to experience two different ziplines, rappelling and other things that include the bicycle rent. The timings of this cenote are rather less than any other cenote in Valladolid, 8 am to 3:30 pm and 3:30 is the last entrance. The facility of changing rooms, lockers and showers are present there.

When you enter cenote Xcanche you see two stair ways that make way into the cenote. From the stairs you can see the view which is beautiful. When you get into the cenote is when all your tiredness will go away and you will enjoy every bit of it in there. The cenote is good for anyone who wants to take a swim. The depth of the cenote is almost thirty meters. you can also have fun if you choose to snorkel.

Rappelling is also available at this cenote which can add to the experience being even more worthy. If you take the complete package you are allowed two ziplines which launch you into the water. You can also experience the rope swing for free to get into the water. Since cenotes are underground and quite below, cliff diving is another adventure at this cenote.

The facility of restrooms, restaurants, chilling area etc. are also available for the visitors. The visitors can also rent a cabana if you want a luxury experience. Overall, Cenote Xcanche can be your perfect getaway spot for you to take a break and refresh yourself with nature’s beauty which has healing powers, for real.

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