Edzna Mayan Ruin Videos:

Exploring the ruins of Edzna near Campeche

What to see at Edzna Ruins

Four hours north of another famous Campeche ruins, Calakmul, the ruins of Edzna are far from the usual stomping grounds of Cancun tourists and provide a perfect respite from the crowds. The main pyramid at Edzna is a sight to behold, with some proclaiming that it is even grander than the structure at Chichen Itza.

The pyramid is known as the Temple of the 5 Storeys (that’s tiers, not narratives) and the interior consists of 22 rooms that are all visible from the ground. Unfortunately, you will not be able to climb the pyramid, but there are other ruins on the site that are open for scaling. Oh, and we didn’t even mention the iguanas that make the ruins their home. The natural heirs to the Mayan empire.

Getting to Edzna Ruins

The state of Campeche is large and you definitely won’t want to drive north to Edzna after a full day at Calakmul. Campeche City is the state capital and is a great hub from which to see the ruins. The entire drive from the coastal city to the ruins will take you under an hour across 32 miles. 

Buses are available in town, as well as the famous Colectivo vans, which are a cheaper option. However, we recommend booking a tour with TripAdvisor to make the most of your day and receive a knowledgeable tour guide who will put this great site into the context of Mayan history and culture.

Map Of The Ruins Of Edzna:

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