Tanger Outlets & Tomoka Town Center

Check Out Tanger Outlets For High end Goods!

Daytona Beach offers several places to shop like the mall, Daytona One and Tanger Outlets.  Tanger outlets is on one side of the street and on the other is Tomoka Town Center Shops.  You can find places to eat and shopping that includes a huge list of stores.  Below is a list of those stores and links to their webpage.

Tanger Outlets and Tomoka Town Center Daytona Beach Florida

Looking For High End Stores In Daytona Beach?

Tanger Outlets and Tomoka Town Center are two of the best shopping destinations in Daytona Beach, Florida. These shopping centers offer a great shopping experience with a wide variety of stores and brands to choose from. Both shopping centers offer a unique experience and are worth a visit for anyone in the Daytona Beach area.

Tanger Outlets is located in the heart of Daytona Beach and offers a variety of popular stores such as Nike, Michael Kors, Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, and more. With over 70 stores, Tanger Outlets is the perfect place to find great deals on designer brands. The outlet mall also offers a food court with a variety of options, making it a great spot to grab lunch or a snack in between shopping.

Tomoka Town Center is a newer shopping center in Daytona Beach, located just a short drive from the beach. It is an open-air shopping center that offers a wide range of stores, including Bed Bath & Beyond, DSW, Ulta Beauty, and more. The center also features a variety of dining options, from fast-casual to sit-down restaurants.

Aside from shopping, both Tanger Outlets and Tomoka Town Center offer a great entertainment experience. Tanger Outlets often hosts events and sales throughout the year, including holiday-themed events, summer concerts, and sidewalk sales. Tomoka Town Center also hosts events throughout the year, including a weekly farmers market and live music events.

Both shopping centers are conveniently located and offer ample parking. Tanger Outlets is located on the backside of Daytona Beach but is easily accessible from the general area.

Where Is Tanger Outlets (Tomoka Town Center) Located?

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