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Spotnick’s Cabbage Patch Bar (NSB)

Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch

Some say that Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch, located at 549 Tomoka Farms Road in Samsula, Florida, is a typical biker bar, but watching 2000 pounds of cabbage being shredded by a John Deere chipper is anything but typical in my book. Add 10 gallons of vegetable oil and some scantily clad women and you have a Bike Week tradition like no other: Coleslaw Wresting. 


If people can wrestle in mud, why not coleslaw? The Cabbage Patch, named after the patch of cabbages growing on the property, didn’t see a problem with it, thus the coleslaw wrestling tradition was born. To this day, bikers along with crowds and television crews from around the world are drawn to a graffiti covered bar on a few acres of farmland to witness two women at a time face off in a slippery, knee deep pit of coleslaw with the final winner taking home a $500 prize. 


Most of the year, the Cabbage Patch is a small local hang out, but it grows into an iconic hot spot during Bike Week and other biker events. In addition to the coleslaw wrestling, you will find venders galore and plenty of liquid refreshment. There are 2 stages to listen to local live bands. Camping is available across the street at Cackleberry Campground, if one is so inclined. The Cabbage Patch is just a few miles from all biker events Daytona has to offer.


Don’t miss the fun! Come, have a seat at the bar and take in the all the sights and smells. 

Listen to some live music mingled with the cock-a-doodle-dos of the roosters roaming the property…

And maybe just maybe, try your hand at wrestling? See you there!


Spotnick's Cabbage Patch Bar (NSB) Video:


Do you love the Cabbage Patch? This Daytona Beach fun stop offers some of the craziest fun you can experience during Bike Week and Octoberfest. Tell us your story!

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