Screamers Park (Vomatron, Sling Shot)

Stuff To Know About Screamer's Park:

Daytona Beach Screamers Amusement Park Slingshot & VomatronIt’s a warm Florida evening. The sky is filled with cotton candy clouds; pinks and blues catch the sun’s rays as it tucks itself in for the night. As the sun sets, thousands of colorful lights covering the massive structures of Screamer’s Park twinkle to life. Loud music blares. An occasional scream pierces the air as motors buzz and whirl. Two enormous megalithic structures rise into the sky. Meet Vomatron and Slingshot.

Vomatron, a massive 165-foot arm with 2 seats on either end, pierces the darkening sky. You watch in horror as this monster reaches speeds of 70 mph and spins its victims with forces up to 5G. Several green occupants disembark and scramble dazedly down the ramp. A teenage boy heads straight to the trashcan: unleashing his dinner back into the world. Gross. You decide to try the other ride first.


Crossing the threshold of the Slingshot, a maze of metal bars guides you to the end of the line where you stop to ponder your fate. You watch in anticipation as an unsuspecting couple is loaded into the ride. Purple harnesses drop down over the riders locking them in place. Your heart is in your throat as they are literally catapulted into space at 100 mph. Fear tickles the recesses of your mind. Do you REALLY want to do this? Yes.

Welcome to Screamer’s Park.

Screamer’s Park is located at 25 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach. Phone: (386) 944-9861.  Slingshot is $30 per rider. Vomatron is $25 per rider. Both have package deals with lots of perks.


Thursday 9:30AM–1AM, Friday 9:30AM–1AM, Saturday 9:30AM–1AM, Sunday 9:30AM–1AM, Monday 9:30AM–1AM, Tuesday 9:30AM–1AM, Wednesday 9:30AM–1AM

Today, Daytona Beach has two extreme amusement rides, the boardwalk (AKA Broadwalk) area, an arcade, the bandshell (concert area), the Oceanwalk Shops, and Daytona Lagoon (arcade, mini waterpark).  There is also the Daytona Beach Pier and the Main Street Bar hop all within walking distance.  Learn about driving and parking on the beach here.  About a half mile north you can throw an axe and get a drink!

Videos: Screamer's Park (Slingshot & Vomatron):

Where Is Screamer's Park?

Screamer’s Park is located at: 25 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

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