Reed Canal Park

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Park, Pond, Disk Golf, Wildlife & More

Re-establish your connection to nature and fun in this 35 acre park featuring a variety of active recreational opportunities including fishing, biking, walking, and disc golf. Reed Canal Park provides plenty of spaces for kids to move and play. They can test their skills on the lighted regulation soccer field or explore the large playground. Even dogs have a special place here!

This large park, located at 919 Reed Canal Rd, South Daytona, is a beautiful city-run natural area with a tranquil 10 acre lake, wooded areas with shell hiking trails, pavilions with picnic facilities, and public restrooms. It’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Literally! Reed Canal Park is home to four solar trees. Plug in while you play and let nature work its magic.

Make sure to watch for unidentified flying discs while visiting! Frisbees, of course! The 18 hole disc golf course is available for experienced players and beginners alike. It has been described as tight and short; the perfect place to perfect your skills learn or to learn how to play. Whether its walking the grounds, sailing model boats in the lake, learning to play disc golf, or enjoying a picnic in the sweet Florida sunshine, you’ll want to return as often as possible. The park is open from dawn to dusk and admission is free.

Videos: Reed Canal Park South Daytona

Where Is Reed Canal Park?

Reed Canal Park is located at: 919 Reed Canal Rd, South Daytona, FL 32119

Pictures: Reed Canal Park South Daytona

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