Sayil Ruins

Sayil Mayan Ruin Videos:

Visiting the Sayil Ruins in Yucatan

Are the Sayil Ruins worth visiting?

When you step onto the site, you’ll quickly realize why Sayil shows up on so many must-see lists of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. A massive three-tiered palace is the focal structure of the ruins. While you cannot climb the structure, you can’t help but marvel at its beauty. The palace stairs ascend in one large stairway from the ground to the top of the third tier. Much of the right side of the palace is covered in grass and roots after centuries of laying in ruin. The left side, however, remains intact and has an amber stone color to it. The town was large at its peak with nearly 10,000 inhabitants.

The fee to enter Sayil is 55 pesos and the ruins are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily.

Getting to the Sayil Ruins

The Sayil Ruins can be visited as part of five major ruins on Ruta Puuc near the city of Merida, 60 miles away. The site is located between the ruins of Kabah and Xlapac.

Map Of The Ruins At Sayil:

Archaeological Zone of Sayil – Carr. Internacional No. 261, 97840 Muna, Yuc., Mexico
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