Ice Cream Port Orange Florida

There are a lot of options for ice cream in Port Orange:

Port Orange is a large area that is over 28 square miles!  The population in 2019 has grown to over 60,000.  Port Orange spans from Route 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) past Route 95.  It is bordered by New Smyrna Beach, South Daytona, Daytona Beach and Samsula.

Atlantic Creamery Inc. Port Orange– Looking for Hersey’s Ice Cream?  This Port Orange ice cream parlor has over 30 flavors, ice cream cakes, coffee, tea, hotdogs and grilled cheese!   What flavors of Hersey’s do they have?  Well as of March 28th 2021:  Birthday Cake – Butter Pecan – Chocolate – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Coconut – Coconut Chocolate Almond – Coffee – Cookies N’ Cream – Cotton Candy – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – Green Mint Chip – Mint Moose Tracks – Moose Tracks – Peanut Butter Cup – Pistachio – Praline Pecan – Raspberry – Rocky Road – Salty Caramel Banana Foster – Salty Caramel Truffle – Strawberry – Strawberry Cheesecake – Superman – Vanilla  Address: 4066 S Ridgewood Ave Port Orange, FL 32127  Phone: 386-256-7004

– They are building it right now in front of thee Walmart’s Grocery store on Clyde Morris Blvd.  The address is: 3817 CLYDE MORRIS BLVD Port Orange, FL 32129.  No phone number yet!  There are other local Dairy Queen locations in South Daytona, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach.  Dairy Queen offers Blizzards, soft serve ice cream, hotdogs, hamburgers and more.  

Ritter’s Ice Cream Port Orange – Looking for deluxe Ice Cream like Gelato?  Ritter’s is one of the premier ice cream shops and they have some incredible stuff.  They offer hotdogs, hamburgers, Italian ices, frozen custard, sundaes, shakes and more!  If you are looking for a great ice cream experience, try out Ritter’s Ice Cream!  Address:  4629 S Clyde Morris Blvd, Port Orange, FL 32129  Phone: (386) 760-1082

Cold Stone Creamery Port Orange – Cold Stone Creamery offers ice cream, cakes, smoothies, frappes, yogurt, sorbet and shakes.  They are located towards the back of Port orange closer to 95 then Route 1.  You can order online for pickup or delivery.  Open 12 (noon) to 9:45pm daily.  They also offer family packs of ice cream as bundles for extra hungry groups!  Address:  5543 S Williamson Blvd, Ste 910 Port Orange, FL 32128  Phone: (386) 492-5941

Neighbor’s Ice Cream Store – Here is a quote from their website!  “We build flavor, texture, and body starting with fresh Florida dairy, sweetened with pure cane sugar (No HFC’s), then layer in ingredients that we chop, squeeze, tear, boil, peel, dollop, blowtorch, blend, bake, brew, and pulverize in our kitchen. Our ice creams are made in small batches and are created to melt perfectly on your tongue with unique flavors that excite your taste buds.”  Enough said!  Oh, they offer espresso, coffee and brunch!  Address:  5980 SPRUCE CREEK ROAD, PORT ORANGE, FL, 32127  Phone: 386-492-2930

Culver’s Port Orange – Yes they have burgers but there ice cream is great!  They offer frozen custard, shakes, malts and floats!  They have a lot of flavors and even a flavor of the day!  My personal favorite is the the concrete mixer which is the equivalent of a Dairy Queen Blizzard made with frozen custard.  You can still add all the same great candies but the ice cream is thicker and stays frozen longer.  Address:  1744 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127  Phone: (386) 341-1315

Dairy Bar Port Orange – Looking for a simple ice cream stop near the Dunlawton Avenue Bridge?  Dairy Bar is located under or on the ocean side of the bridge.  There is a passageway that goes under the bridge and around to the other side.  This is a one-way road and Dairy bar is located right at the turn in.  They offer soft serve ice cream and an incredible chili dog!  Address:  55 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127  Phone: (386) 767-3322

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