Daytona Playhouse Theatre

Daytona Playhouse Theater

Act I: Welcome to the Playhouse!


Excited and eager you arrive at the Daytona Playhouse for an evening of theater and the arts. Nestled along the Halifax River, this quaint and quirky two story theater seats 264 with not a bad seat in the house. Greeted by friendly volunteer staff, you make your way to the concession stand and grab some snacks and libations to enjoy as you take in the show. Your excitement builds as you as you make your way to your seat. Offering a friendly hello to the odd redheaded woman in the seat next to you, you snuggle down into the comfortable chair and prepare yourself for the show. The woman besides you sobs gently, but before you can inquire why, the lights dim. The show begins.


Act II: A Step Back in Time…


The stage is set. A lovely white house sits on a large parcel of land next to a river. A beautiful redheaded woman appears, her burgeoning belly revealing a baby on the way. She weeps uncontrollably. Alice Beckwith has lost all hope. Her beloved, Andre, shipped out to Spain to fight in the war, and there has been no word from him since. She fears for his safety. It’s unbearable. Her world is falling apart. She tries to fight her demons, but she is losing.


The water calls. Everything she sees has water under it. One endlessly dark night, she finds herself at the edge of the water. Her pregnant belly is heavy, but her heart even more so. Throwing herself into the water, she sinks into its comforting darkness. Freedom at last. Unbeknownst to Alice, Andre is dead. With the lovers gone, the quaint white house is sold. A new building is erected…a theater.

The lights come up. The woman beside you is gone. Strange. You don’t remember her leaving. Water drips from the edges of her seat gathering in a puddle on the floor.


Act III: The Show Must Go On


The Daytona Playhouse is not only filled with fascinating history, its entire existence is an act of love. This little gem on the river not only supports the arts and local talent, but also brings the thrill of the stage to travelers from around the globe. With quality, affordable shows all year long, audiences from near and far will delight in the variety of musical and non-musical performances. This lovely venue provides a comfortable and intimate space with exceptional acoustics. The Daytona Playhouse also offers programs and activities for all ages, including Radio Reader’s Theater, Readers Theater Socials, and Youth Theater opportunities. Enjoy a show or sign up for an audition! Come on in and experience the fun. Maybe Alice and Andre will make an appearance, as well.


The Daytona Playhouse is located at 100 Jessamine Blvd. in Daytona Beach.


Contact them at 386-255-2431.


Prices for shows are as follows:

Non Musical Selections – Adults $20/Seniors (55+) $19/Youth 18 and under $10

Musicals – Adults $25/Seniors (55+) $24/Youth 18 and under $15


Doors open 1 hour prior to shows. Casual atmosphere with concessions available for purchase.

Where is Daytona Playhouse Theater located?

Daytona Playhouse is located beachside on the north side of the A1A strip.  The full address is: 100 Jessamine Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

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