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Cenotes are basically sinkholes which are usually underground and like natural potholes. Mexico has a lot many cenotes and most of them are quite famous. They are tremendously stunning and a specialty of Mexico. Another beautiful cenote near Playa del Carmen and Tulum is Cenote Cristalino. This cenote is named Cristalino because of the crystal clean and clear water.

It is breathtakingly beautiful, a very dreamy location indeed. This site provides you the pleasure of swimming in nature and enjoying the beauty of it. The stunning cenote is like a dream vacation spot for you to be surrounded by the scenic beauty around. It is situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen with two other cenotes nearby; Cenote Azul and Cenote Jardin del Eden. This cenote is rather a less crowded one, although it is the most beautiful. Even then it can be a perfect place for a refreshing swim or dive.

Many facilities present at the cenote for you to avail are toilets, showers, changing rooms, rental lockers, life jackets etc. This cenote is an open-air cenote making it look like a natural swimming pool. It looks like a mini cave with all the rocks below the water. You can enjoy cliff diving there with entering the cenote like that. There is an immense amount of fish swimming in the water, so keep a look at that.

The water temperature of this cenote is rather cold than others. To beat the heat of Mexico, this cenote is perfect to cool you down, refresh you, and get the most of nature’s beauty. The depth of the cenote is around six meters. The entrance of the cenote is extremely well maintained. You can also find sun loungers at this cenote where you can relax.

If you take your own car be relaxed about the parking as the cenote offers car parking. There is a restaurant and a snack shop as well to treat your hunger. There is a basic entrance fee to have access to the cenote, but it is considered cheaper than other cenotes. It is open throughout the week from 8 am to 5 pm.

The best to visit the cenote is early morning or late in the evening to avoid tourist crowd. To get to the cenote you can either take your own car or take a colectivo for this trip. This cenote will serve as a perfect spot for you to enjoy quality time (and swim) with your family. 

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