Backyard Boys BBQ

3 things you didn’t know about BBQ:

  1. The world’s largest BBQ pit originates from Texas (the leading BBQ state in the US). It serves 8,000lbs of meat, and sold for $350,000 on Ebay.
  2. McDonald’s was originally a barbecue drive-in, called, McDonald’s Bar-B-Que.
  3. In South Daytona, Backyard Boys BBQ lost power during Hurricane Irma, but that didn’t stop owner Tim Carner from setting up his outdoor vending equipment and smokers to feed storm weary wanderers braving lingering winds.

    Steeped in little known barbeque history, Daytona has had its fair share of BBQ aficionados, including early racing icon, “Buck” Buchanan and founder of Sonny’s BBQ, Sonny Tillman. Following in their BBQ footsteps, Tim Carner founded Backyard Boys BBQ, after purchasing the old Sonny’s building in South Daytona. Tim’s unique barbequing approach, from the specialized pits and ovens to the amount and type of wood used to smoke and flavor the meats to delicious homemade sauces, make Backyard Boys a destination every barbeque lover will race to experience.

Located at 1840 S Ridgewood Ave, South Daytona

This low key BBQ joint serves up familiar favorites such as pulled pork, ribs, and brisket.

The salad bar is also a customer favorite. Reasonable prices, a clean environment, and friendly staff add to the BBQ experience.

Backyard Boys BBQ is open every day from 11AM to 9PM.

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