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When we say Mexico is full of extremely beautiful cenotes, you best believe we are not lying. Every other cenote looks like it is the most beautiful cenote ever. Cenotes are a specialty of Mexico. 

There is an underworld of these cenotes which are breathtakingly beautiful and a sight worth seeing.  We bring you another top-notch, tremendously gorgeous looking cenote situated near Tulum, Mexico known as the Cenote Zacil Ha or Zazil Ha. It is about eight and a half kilometers from Tulum.

This cenote has the capability to attract visitors towards it by just its watercolor and structure. It is the most jaw-dropping cenotes one can look at. The water is emerald green enhancing the regality of the cenote with the structure of an open pool surrounded by trees. 

It looks like an inbuilt, natural swimming pool which can be your perfect spot to cool yourself with a good dip and swim. In addition, it is an open-air cenote which provides an atmosphere of relaxation.

There are places from where you can jump into the water. Along with that, there is a zip line by which you can get in the water. You’re supposed to analyze and jump from the zip line, making it like an adventure. The depth of the cenote is nearly ten feet deep with an average size cenote, it is not too big like other cenotes.

It is in a very friendly environment making it more prone to rush, so plan your trip accordingly because we will advise you to avoid Sundays as it is usually more crowded. To enter the cenote, you will need to pay an entrance fee. Being a Tulum resident can help you get some discount. 

It is open every day of the week from 10 am to 6 pm. The facilities you can avail at this cenote are changing rooms, bathrooms, restaurant, snack shops etc. They also have covered areas where you can chill.

They also provide catering facility, so if you want to plan any parties or weddings, it will be a perfect spot with wonderful view of the cenote. Cenote Zacil Ha can serve as the perfect escape to relax with your loved ones or even alone if you want. 

The refreshing water will cool you amidst the intense tropical heat of Mexico. We assure you that this will not be a disappointing experience, so start planning your next trip to see this breathtakingly beautiful cenote.

Map Of Cenote Zacil Ha:


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