Is BookVIP Legitimate?

bookvip leads the minivac industry in vacation promotionsBookVIP is entirely legitimate. They offer timeshare promotions, resort tours, and generate leads for some of the most renowned hotel and resort chains globally.  All of their promotions come with terms and conditions. It is crucial to fulfill these conditions; otherwise, the offer becomes void.

Having been in the industry since 2008, BookVIP, previously known as IMS (Internet Marketing Solutions) or RVI (Resort Vacations International), has gained a significant reputation. In 2013, the Mexico Tourism Board applauded them for attracting tens of thousands of tourists annually.

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Overview Of BookVIP Timeshare Deals:

Understanding Timeshare Promotions: 

A timeshare promotion provides discounted trips to numerous renowned resorts and hotels. These promotions primarily target couples aged between 28 and 70. A few offers might be available for single women, but single men rarely find deals. The catch? Attend a sales presentation during your stay, which typically lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

Feedback on BookVIP: 

While there have been complaints about BookVIP on platforms like TripAdvisor, many positive reviews vouch for their credibility. They’ve emerged as a prominent intermediary for timeshare and vacation club resorts.

Exploring Open Dated Timeshare Vacation Packages: 

An open-dated package is a marketer’s dream. BookVIP pioneered the digital promotion of such timeshare deals.  This allows marketers to sell more to those not ready to book travel today.

Global Travels With Timeshare?  

Timeshare promotions are available globally.

Terms & Conditions to Consider: 

Each timeshare offer has specific terms, primarily revolving around age, marital status, income, and residency. Ensure that you meet these conditions before booking.

The Essence of the 90 Minute Presentation: 

Central to a timeshare promotion is the sales presentation, which you’re obliged to attend. Missing it can incur additional charges.

Positive Feedback on BookVIP: 

Many satisfied customers have shared their positive experiences with BookVIP through written testimonials and videos.

Guidelines for Booking with BookVIP:

  1. Book well in advance or be flexible about the resort.
  2. Thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.
  3. Wait for confirmation before booking any flights.
  4. Opt for BookVIP’s Trip-Guard for added protection.

What is a Timeshare Day Tour?

A day tour in timeshare terms refers to a tour where you receive a gift, such as a future stay or show tickets, in lieu of an overnight stay.

Payment Plans with BookVIP:

Yes, BookVIP offers flexible payment options. However, all payments, including extras, must be cleared roughly a month before the trip.

Possible Additional Charges:

Be prepared for potential extra fees, usually linked with added nights or small resort taxes. All-inclusive timeshare offers typically have per person charges for anything outside the basic package.

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