Can You Escape A Daytona Beach Escape room?

Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas (Ormond Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach Shores have more than 5 choices for escape room games.  These fun activities cost between $20 and $30 and allow 2 to 10 players per event.  Below is a list of local Daytona Beach escape rooms and some basic information about this Volusia County fun thing to do.

Code To Escape:

Located at 119 S Palmetto Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 currently has 9 escape rooms to choose from.  There phone number is 386-315-5098.  They offer group rates and can accommodate really large groups up to 100 people.  These are great for local corporate businesses to put on events and team build. 

Get Back On Santa’s Good List:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for for 2-5 players.  The theme is that Santa’s good list was destroyed in a sled accident and you have the chance to replace the list and add your name to it!

Haunted Superheroes:  This escape room is rated for 4 to 14 players.  The theme is that your Grandfather had a figurine collection of superheroes but they are locked up in a haunted room.  You just got a protective spell that last for just 1 hour.

Mission Black & White:  This Daytona escape room is rated for 2 to 8 players.   The idea is that there is a radical group that wants to take all the color out of the world.  You have 60 minutes to stop this and prevent the world from becoming grey!

Phony Art Studio:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for for 4-14 players.  The theme is that a fake photographer has taken some photos of you and is now blackmailing you for 50K!  You got a girlfriend keeping the blackmailer busy while you try to retrieve the negatives.

“Ghost Of Tituba”, The First Salem Witch:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for 2 to 8 players.  The theme is that a dark and evil witch has you locked in her hut and you’ll be trapped there forever if you don’t escape.  You and your team have just 60 minutes left before you are her prisoner forever!

Nikola Tesla The Mad Genius:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for 2 to 5 players.   The idea is that you need to help Tesla make a different light bulb work to light up an electricity fair that could get him exposure to the world.  Tesla had a bit of spiked wine and may be useless in helping you!

The night out at the BAD GIRL, Аничка:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for for 2 to 8 players.  The theme is that you had a naughty night out with some Russian chicks and are now locked in a room for non payment.  You have just 60 minutes before you meet her pimp!

Catch 22, The Merge:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for 2 to 8 players.  The theme is that it’s the year 1890 and Thomas Edison is missing.  His documents need to be delivered or one of the greatest business mergers of all time could fail and we will all use candles forever!

The Cookery – Who’s Hungry:  This Daytona Beach escape room is rated for 2 to 8 players.   The idea is that you have been invited to a special cooking class.  Upon arrival you notice some things aren’t right in that there is noise from a locked room and that you may be the meal rather than the cook!

Escape Room Adventure Of Daytona Beach:

Located at 388 S Atlantic Ave ​Ormond Beach FL 32176 (​in the Aliki Plaza).  There phone number is 386-530-3500.  They offer 3 escape room themes on beach side Daytona!  Escape rooms hold 2 to 8 team players.  Cost is $25 per person.

A-Files:  The government is hiding something and you have a chance to expose it or disappear forever!  It’s 1970 so no internet or help from your I-phone.  You need to get the evidence of this cover up.

The Hustle:  You and your friends thought you were playing a friendly game of pool.  The stakes all the sudden got real and your being hustled by a professional.  You need to escape this game room now!

Kidnapped:  You and your group have awakened to discover you are locked in a room.  Just last night your were on vacation and today trapped!  You have just 60 minutes before your kidnapper returns and finishes the job!

Daytona Escape Games:

Located at 240 Seabreeze Blvd Daytona Beach Florida 32118.  They are located beach side just up from Sakana’s Sushi House.  Their phone number is 386-214-9341.  This venue has one of the best prices in the area for escape rooms and is just $18.78 per person!

Warlord:  This Daytona Beach escape room holds up to 10 people.  You and your team must smuggle weapons behind enemy lines or die trying.  It’s up to you and your team to get this job done!

Escape From Jail:  This escape room scenario is for a max of 4 people.  Theme: You are a convicted prisoner sentenced to spend the rest of your life in prison.  You have just 45 minutes to follow the clues and secure your freedom!

Cold War Escape Room:

Located at 455 S. Nova Rd. Ormond Beach, FL 32174.  Their phone number is 386-333-9167.  Cost is $25 per person. 

The Nuclear Event:  It’s 1990 and the Soviet Union is collapsing.  A rouge group of Russians has acquired a nuclear missile and their military intentions are unclear.  You and your team must setup a strategic nuclear missile response to this immediate threat.

The Interrogation Room:  You and your team is sent to investigate and find a CIA operative that has gone missing.  He was last seen as a prisoner of th KGB and has since gone missing.  Is it possible to escape the KGB’s grip or has their been fowl play?

Daytona Escape Room Experience:

Located at 681 Beville Rd. South Daytona, Florida 32119.  Their phone number is 386-689-2124.  Cost is $25 per person and they have 6 escape room to play in.  They also have a 2 minute escape challenge called “The Hot Seat” and it’s a solo escape chair!  Also coming soon is a new escape room called “Betty Jo’s Rock n Roll Diner”.

The Ransom:  Holds up to 6 players and is this escape room is themed as research for a popular authors new book.  His research however has you held hostage and you need to escape now!

The Black Jewel:  Holds up to 10 players and the escape room tale is set on a pirates ship.  The captain has you locked up after you eyed his treasure.  They will be back soon and you’ll be fish food!

Sparkle’s Revenge:  In this Daytona Beach escape room you need to help Santa get ready for his toy delivery.  A disgruntled elf has taken tools and toys and created a toy shortage.

The Exhibit:  This 2 to 4 person escape room is considered easy but still a challenge.  You have 1 hour to help steal a priceless piece of art.  A master thief has left clues to help you pull off the caper.  Are you any good as a thief?

Death Alley 1892 -Dead or Alive:  This escape room is rated hard and is for 4 to 10 players.  It’s 1892, help stop the Dalton Gang from robbing the towns banks.  You and your team can put an end to these criminals.

Disturbance In Elmwood:  An unrated escape room in Daytona Beach!  Holds 4 to 8 people and is set in the town of Elmwood’s cemetery.  Strange things have been happening over there and people are missing!

New Smyrna Beach Escape Room:

Located at 116 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach FL  NSB Escape Room is located on the second floor,  just above VITA’s Healthcare and directly across the street from the public parking lot.  Their phone number is 386-243-7658 Cost is $25 per person and they have 6 escape rooms.

Safe Cracker Two:  Rated for 2 to 6 players, this escape room has just an 18% escape rate!  The theme is that you are a burglar and have limited time to break into a safe/vault and escape wit the cash!

Murder 101:  Rated for 2 to 8 players this escape room is actually two rooms!  One room is your detectives office and the other a grisly crime scene.  This game has just a 20% success rate!

Wardens Office 2:  Rated for 2 to 8 players this local Daytona Beach escape room has you locked up in Tijuana!  Collect enough bribe money to pay off the guards and escape before the warden gets back!

Allen Autopsy:  Rated for 4 to 10 players, this escape room boosts a very hard (10%) chance you will succeed!  You and your team have found a hidden room in Area 51 and need to collect enough evidence that the government knows we are not alone!

Side Show:  Rated for 2 to 6 players and an easier escape room (50% success rate).  You are set in a circus and surrounded by creepy clowns.  This escape room is puzzle based and test your skills of logic!  Can you escape this creepy tent space!

Houdini’s Secrets:  Rated for 2 to 6 players this escape room has an 18% completion rate.  It is set in Houdini’s home where you and your team are out to discover his secrets.  Unfortunately for you he has booby trapped the house and you are now trapped!

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