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Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman Overview:

Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman is a beautiful cenote located only ten minutes away from the town of Valladolid. The main reason that differentiates cenote San Lorenzo Oxman is that there is a rope swing which leads you to the cenote.

You can launch yourself into the water from that. Other than that, there is also a pool/ lounge right around a restaurant. This whole experience can be a worthwhile experience and a day full of relaxation. At the entrance of this cenote there are seventy-three stairs that lead the way to the main cenote. 

The cenote is extremely beautiful. It is deep and vast with tree roots hanging down off the sides. These long, hair-like roots of the ancient trees above skim the water’s edge. It is said that the tree spirits guard each cenote entrance and that the ancient Mayans identified a cenote by view of these caretaker trees.

You can walk to the cenote, but the main excitement is the rope swing that throws you in the water. Although you have to be careful on the swing because it can get quite slippery and wet. There have been brutal falls before, so you have to hold on tight and swing in a good momentum to avoid any injuries.

Due to the rope swing excitement there is a lot of people who gather around for which you have to be watchful that you do not slip off from the platform. A visit to this cenote is a perfect trip with your family or group of friends who just want to relax and have a chilled-out day. There are other facilities like swimming pools, changing areas, restaurant, car parking etc.

The cenote is open throughout the week from 8 am to 5 pm. There is an entrance fee in the start which is less than two dollars. The cenote is highly scuba diving friendly and is also a good location for swimming. A cenote may just be a cenote by the look of it but when you dive into it you see that they are caverns and cave systems and not just a cenote.

It is an experience of a lifetime visiting something like this which holds ancient history as well. The history of this cenote San Lorenzo Oxman dates back to the eighteenth century. Mayans used these cenotes as the source of freshwater and also performed their rituals which included sacrifices to the gods. This is why cenotes are considered sacred in the Mayan culture.

Map Of Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman:

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