What is a timeshare promotion & how can they be different?

What is a timeshare promotion?

A timeshare promotion is an incentive to listen to a sales pitch related to some form of vacation ownership.  They are normally high pressure sales pitches that last 60 minutes to 4 hours.  There are hundreds of complaints and many opinions on these offers and timeshare in general. 

Below lets have a look at the many types of promotions and vacation offers.  Most of these promotions are offered by resort chains to sell off future room nights and may include special amenities like private waiters or enhanced accommodations. 

Resorts are in the business of selling room nights and selling future room nights is called vacation ownership. Many resorts have some form of vacation club or timeshare program. 

Timeshare tours offer $100 for sitting and listen to a vacation pitch while others offers are all inclusive! 

Below we will look at the different types and how to get the best timeshare vacation deals.   

What types of vacation timeshare promotions are there?

There are many types of vacation promotions.  They offer free nights or a free gift for you attending some form of sales pitch based presentation.  

Some offers include all inclusive amenities at really nice 4 and 5 star resorts.  The best are 4 diamond rated and located in sweet places like the Cancun resort strip!  

Some offers just give you a few free or discounted nights.  Other are just day tours and don’t offer any type of stay but rather a free gift or $100 Visa gift card.  

Many day tour offers are disguised as tourist help centers located just about everywhere you travel these days.  lol  

Many of these travel offers have terms and conditions that include age and income ranges.  If you don’t fall into the terms and conditions the travel offer is completely void.

What do you mean by "all inclusive" timeshare promotion?

All inclusive timeshare promotions are by far the most valuable vacation deals available.  They vary by resort and are not the same universally. 

They offer included meals, drinks and even alcoholic beverages.  Some can have up to 10 restaurants and included amenities like room service.

They are offered by all inclusive resorts mainly in Mexico but also in Jamaica, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic. 

Some of the players are Am Resorts, Sandos, Villa Del Palmar, Krystal, Royal, Blue Bay, Sirenis and many more. 

Always read the fine print. 

Some allow just a buffet dinning experience or host you in a sister resort nearby.  Never just assume that all inclusive will give you access to that resorts restaurants for free. 

Many of these offers include 2 adults with up to 2 kids for 4 or 5 nights.  Many do give you full retail all inclusive access which is a sweet deal!

How far away can I travel using a timeshare promotion?

There are timeshare located all over the world not just here in this hemisphere.  There are timeshare promotions in Thailand and Indonesia that offer you free accommodations after a small booking fee. 

You can even customize your stay bu adding a second week!  That’s right, you can book 2 weeks at a really nice resort in Thailand for under $400! 

These offers are what you call accomodation only and does not provide any form of food, drink or alcohol.

So if you are a traveler that loves those long distance places, check out Thailand on your next trip. 

Have you taken a timeshare promotion or timeshare presentation? What did you trade for your 90 to 12 hour hotel tour? Tell us your story and it's Ok to bitch or rant a bit. I know this is a hot topic and I want to start a conversation all about these promotions. As discussed there are many types. Which type did you do and how did it turn out?