Timeshare Promotion Guarantee

I only sell “dates of travel”!  You must call and see if your dates are available.

  So your first step is always to call and see if there is even room in a the resorts program for you to travel.  If you are traveling with less than 60 days notice you are limited in availability.  Plan ahead for the best chance of success!


If your dates are available and you would like to book a reservation, we need to do several things.  The resort wants to know this information: (Application) which has to do with their terms and conditions.  Questions include your profession, annual income and age.

The resort has an agreement form called the check-in letter that you will need to sign.  This form is filled out by me and emailed to you after you have filled out the application info collection form.  The check-in form has the resorts terms and conditions, your dates of travel, your name and the price you are paying.  If for any reason you do not meet the resorts terms and conditions you cannot travel through this program.

When you receive your check-in form (normally within an hour) you need to print, sign, scan and return the form to me.  I will forward your paperwork and info to the vacation club for processing.  The process does take up to 7 business days to get a final reservation number.  The resort reps will call withing 72 hours to verify you really read and understand the terms and conditions.  If you are traveling with less than 30 days notice, you are already most likely too late to book, CALL NOW!


Payment for your package and extras is due at the time of processing.  You can pay by major credit card or bank wire/deposit.  If you have extras there are processing fees and the more extras the more fees.  Once we start this process I start to invest more of my time.  I have succeeded 100% so far with only 3 cancellations due to illness.  If your dates are listed as available I will get the reservation issued.

It takes 3 to 7 business days to get a live verifiable reservation issued by the resort.  A customized reservation is one that has extra nights, older children or extra guests.  When your vacation package is more than the base package all monies for the extras must be collected and transferred to the resort.  This adds days, but you have talked to the resort, me and know whats happening.

The resort will hold your dates during that time frame but will not give me the reservation number till all monies for the extras are paid/transferred in full.


Once you have made payment and returned your form(s) I will immediately send your reservation in for processing.  I will also send you notification that this has been done.  When your reservation is issued (up to 7 days) I will send it to you and follow up by phone.  I can always be reached by phone and you can text me once we know each other.


So what exactly is my guarantee?  I need a maximum of 7 business days to produce a verifiable reservation number.  Currently (July 2017) IWTTT has a 100% payment to reservation issued success record!  In fact, if your dates are available on the resorts availability chart, I am certain your reservation will be issued.  Most reservations are issued in 6 business days, but you will have chatted with the resort reps by then.

Once I start working on your reservation, you are committing to the dates of travel you have chosen.  Once your paperwork is sent in the resorts program is holding your dates while all fees between us and them are settled.  If the reservation is not issued during the 7 business day wait, you get your money back in full.

Once your reservation is issued there are no refunds and only exchanges.  It has to be this way since I pay fees for processing and holding resort inventory.  You can forever change, transfer or modify an issued reservation as long as you meet that resort program and the new dates are available.

I have only had 3 couples cancel.  Two were for illness and both transferred the package to family members (who qualified).  The third had an expired passport and canceled last minute.  The resort let me slid on fees for that one…  They re-booked a few months later.  The re-booking fee is $100.

Modifying or Change Of Dates

If for any reason you need to modify, cancel or change dates on an active reservation I will work with you to re-book your stay.  The resort charges me penalties for cancellations and fees for changes to issued reservations.  These fees are on top of the fees that I have already paid to get your original reservation issued.  The more notice you give on changes and modifications the less those change fees are. 

If you cancel or modify with less than 30 days notice, fees can be up to $300 peak/off-peak and up to $500 for holiday week travel!  In many cases holiday and peak travel requires 45 days notice on all modifications.  If you cancel or modify with more notice, fees can be zero to $150.  To re-book there can also be fees.  Any fees incurred by me must be paid by you to re-book or I cannot issue you a new reservation. 

If you have complications that require a change I will work with you until you are able to travel.  There are no expiration’s on reschedules. The resort and I want you to travel.  The reason for these fees is simple, if I am charged you are charged.  This is why there are no refunds after a reservation has been issued/started.

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