Swim With Whale Sharks In Cancun (Cozumel, Isla Mujeres)

Swim With Whale Sharks From June To September!

If you thought swimming with dolphins was an amazing adventure, try swimming with Whale Sharks.  Whale Sharks (Wikipedia) can grow to be over 40 foot long and weigh 45,000 pounds!  These whales are slow moving and eat plankton.  They are just about harmless to humans although other sharks may be in the area.  The prime location to view them is in the open sea near Holbox Island.  Isla Holbox is located north of Cancun and is almost unknown to tourist.  You can swim with these whales from June to September.  Have you swam with these gentle giants?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

Click to watch, hover for the title or scroll to reveal the next set of video thumbnails. There are 45+ Whale Shark videos above, this is a seasonal excursion and no they don’t eat people!

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Swim with Whale Sharks – $125.00

Immerse yourself in the most exciting underwater adventure in the Mexican Caribbean. Swim with the biggest fish in the world and experience these humbling gentle giants up close. Also enjoy the crossing where you can see playful dolphins and stingrays in their natural habitat. In Cancun? No problem, there is an offer for transportation to the marina in Playa Mujeres.

Whale Shark Encounter Private Tour – $1,650.00

Get close to whale sharks in their natural habitat during this daylong private tour. The tour is focused on respect for wildlife, and the crew accompanying your private group are certified guides and/or professional marine biologists. Snorkel alongside the gentle vegetarian sharks that visit the warm waters around Isla Mujeres, and enjoy breakfast and lunch aboard the boat. Round-trip hotel transport by private vehicle is included. Price is per group, based on a maximum of 10 people.

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