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Discover Sickler Park In Daytona Beach!

Ease into the day by basking in the beauty of a sunrise. Let go of stress. Allow the morning light to lift your spirits. Breathe. Connect to nature and influence your day in the most positive of ways. Reap the rewards of time well spent. Repeat at dusk!

Sickler Park, located on Sickler Drive in Daytona, is a pleasant spot to sit, relax, and connect to nature. Take in the views of the Halifax River and nearby bridges, enjoy the beauty of both sunrise and sunset, or catch some fish from the pier. With good parking and a convenient walkway to waterfront, it’s easy to enjoy a few quality moments at Sickler Park. Open sunrise to sunset, admission is free.

Videos Of Sickler Park:

Where Is sickler Park?

Sickler Pier & Park is located between the double bridge at the north end f Daytona Beach.  The physical address is:  865 Ballough Road Daytona Beach, FL 32114.  It’s where Sickler Drive and Ballough Road meet at the bridges. There is a second address listed for this location without a street number: Sickler Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Disappearing Island

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