How To Send Pictures & Videos

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We Help You Get Noticed!

Send Us Your Pictures, Videos & Articles For Distribution In Our Network.  You can never send us too much information about your business.

Our presence on 20+ web platforms allow for high Google rankings which drive more visitors to our service and to YOU!  By offering your content through our network you get more exposure which will in-turn drive more traffic to your business.

We Use Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop-box, Or Copy To Send Large Files Over The Internet!  You Should Too.

Welcome to the “I Want To Travel To” family!  There are some easy ways for you to send pictures, videos and articles.  It’s called cloud storage or virtual storage.  The best part is that each of the services we use have a FREE plan!

Google Drive, Copy & OneDrive all allow you to store 15GB of data, pictures, & videos for FREE!  Drop-box only allows 2GB for free, but they allow you to earn extra storage by referring them.  OneDrive & Copy also have a referral program to get extra storage through referral.  For as little as $10 a month you can increase that up to 1TB!  A TB(terabyte) is equivalent to over 3 million pictures!

Never again spend time sending 5 pictures at a time to a client or friend.  With cloud storage you can create specific folders to store items like pictures you want to share and ones you don’t.  You can do the same for any file type and mix and match as needed within any folder you create!

After you have created these folders and uploaded the files you want in each one, a link appears next to that file.  You can simply email that link to the person you want to share that specific folder with.  The link you send gives the recipient (and anyone he sends the link to) FULL ACCESS to that folder.  They get access to just that folder, all other folder are secure and not accessible.

Are You Ready To Get Started Sending Us Your Web Content?

It’s just that easy!  Don’t forget to email us that link and follow up with us to make sure we got it.  If you found this information useful, share it or let us know in the comments below.

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