Xlapac Mayan Ruin Videos:

Visiting the Xlapac Ruins in Yucatan

Are the Xlapac Ruins worth visiting?

The Xlapac ruins, also known as Xlapak ruins, can be found along Ruta Puuc; a road that is home to five major Mayan ruins. This site is the smallest of the five, but well worth the visit considering there is no fee to see the beautiful ruins. Xlapac has three palaces which stand in a clearing of a Yucatan jungle. Similar to the ruins of Kabah, the most intricately carved palace is adorned by masks which depict the Mayan God of Rain, Chaac.

The site shares a lot of commonalities with the other Ruta Puuc ruins in its Classic style and honoring of Chaac. Yet the major difference is that, for a free ruin, there are almost no visitors to the site. This gives travelers itching to live out an Indiana Jones fantasy some time to explore the ruins without any interruptions.

Getting to the Xlapac Ruins

The Xlapac Ruins can be visited as part of five major ruins on Ruta Puuc near the city of Merida, 60 miles away. The site is located between the ruins of Sayil and Loltun.

Map Of The Ruins Of Xlapac:

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