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Welcome to I Want To Travel To, llc.

Are you looking for a better way to promote your mini-vac program?

We are NOT a call center!  We are a content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) based company.  That means we don’t buy phone lists, email lists or send out a million faxes at a time.  We market to those that have subscribed or that search for the thousands of keyword phrases that we rank in the search results for.

How do we get leads?  We create content and share other companies content through our website, tourism directory (Wiki) and 25+ social networks.  When consumers search for fun things to do in your area, they find us!

What kind of promotions can you list with us?

List walk-in offers:

Consumers find us when searching for local attractions.

We target everything inside a demographic area.  What you see on our website is just a small piece of what we are doing off site.  Consumers search for tours, excursions, restaurants and more while traveling.  We create content on social services like YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook.  These consumers 70% of the time already have accommodations and are already wandering around your local area. When they search for fun things to do they find US & YOU!

Gift Cards:  A simple way to get consumers to tour is to offer them a cash incentive.  We have seen and heard of resorts offering Starbucks cards, Visa cards, Casino cards and more.  These are great incentives but they miss the WOW experience that you could get through the next option, in-house services.

In-house Services:  In-house services that help the consumer have a greater experience after their tour!  Offer spa services, free dining experiences, show tickets, onsite amusement tickets, wine and Spirits or any other in-house controlled service.  This creates in the mind of the consumer a better experience that they associate with your hotel and resort.  They will talk about it!

Coupon Books:  That’s why they are here!  Consumers love coupons and yes they will tour your resort property to get access to a local incentives book.  Consumers take vacations to have fun so why not offer them a way to experience all the fun your local area has to offer!

Free Excursions:  Do you know your local tour and excursion companies?  Why not promote the top rated TripAdvisor adventures and make a deal with them to send them traffic.  You could offer a buy one get one free type deal.  Your resort could pay for one or more tickets to a local attraction and hep drive traffic to a local fun thing to do.

Free Beach Equipment:  Consumers most likely won’t be bringing many of the things that they would like to have during their stay. A great example is beach type equipment.  Why not offer free rentals of beach chairs, beach umbrellas, bogie boards and all the many other great beach fun things.  Most likely there is a local vendor that offers these things and they would love to associate and have your weekly business.

Electronics:  There are all sorts of electronics that are popular for both tourists and locals.  You can use these incentives to get consumers to tour!  We have seen companies offer Ipods, Ipads and more.  How about cool remote controlled devices like model helicopters, cars and trucks.  These types of incentives are really for the kids so why not have an option available to help keep the kids occupied.

List accommodation based offers:

Consumers love travel deals and incentives to choose you over the other hotel.

There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression in a consumers mind then to have them stay and experience your resort or hotel brand.  We believe in creating “Raving Fans” and we know that when you WOW the consumer they talk great things about you.  Offer a base package and even discounts on extra nights, wine, spa services and more.  Why not create the opportunity to leave a lasting impression in their minds! 

Base Packages:  Offer a base package that includes a standard suite and so many nights.  These offers traditionally are limited to so many guests.  Consumers in our experience ask for upgrades and other in-hose incentive more than 50% of the time.

Discounted Services:  This is a great way to offset your base package cost and get the consumer using your services.  Offer them the opportunity to get wine, dining and spa services at a discount.  After-all you are trying to sell them your special twist to traveling through your network year after year.  Don’t miss the opportunity to WOW the consumer!

Discounted Extra Nights:  This is a must with any base package.  Resorts that don’t offer extras get passed over 3 out of 5 times.  Offering the guest the opportunity to customize their vacation opens the door to consumers that are traveling beyond a 3 to 5 night stay.  Think of it this way…  Our top all inclusive offer allows consumers to travel up to 7 nights with 3-5 included in the base package.  After the 7th night they can get up to 15% off when they book direct through the resort property.

Discounted Upgrades:  Not all consumers want cheap or bottom of the barrel rooms and suites.  We have found that when our consumers make over $200,000 they are just not interested in a base standard package.  Upgrades are a must for attracting consumers that are of a higher income bracket.  These discounts cost you nothing and the expenses of the upgrade can be covered under the discounted rate.  Why not start catering to these high rollers!

Group Travel:  This one is a serious NO, NO with many resorts.  I understand partially where you are coming from, but your missing a great opportunity.  For groups why not adjust the base package and then sell the extra nights and rooms under a discounted price.  Your resort is already selling inventory to companies like at a wholesale price.  We’re looking to offer a similar deal.  We make our money on the base package or on the back end tour.  We don’t need to make a retail bonus, we can pass that on to the consumer and we all WIN!


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Work with me one on one!This is a bookable today vacation promotion and can only be booked when you know your dates of travel. For the past 5 years I have promoted Sandos and the Royal Elite Vacation Club. I can answer your questions about the Sandos Resort properties or their mini-vac program.

I am also a certified Sandos Smart Agent and get wholesale like per person rates on suites, group services and wedding packages! The mini-vac promotion is by far the best Sandos Resort coupon available!

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