It’s All About Availability!

The most important of all timeshare promotion tips “AVAILABILITY”.

If there isn’t availability for your dates of travel at the resort you want to travel to, your not going anywhere. Know that marketing companies sell vacation promotions, NOT RESORTS! Your sales person may not even know what is available and is just trying to close the sale. Here is a short video all about availability and the dangers of open dated vacation promotions. You really should watch this before buying a timeshare promotion deal.

What are “open dated” vacation promotions?

Open dated vacation promotions are the fastest way for you to lose your money. In my opinion any vacation deal that can’t be booked right now is a coupon, certificate or voucher. So what does that all mean? It means that if you buy a certificate, voucher or coupon you are getting a piece of paper that is a promise to travel. These types of offers are not guaranteed by any resort or even industry standard.

In fact, marketing companies have licensed themselves to print endless amounts of these almost junk travel offers. Even worse is the idea that they can now sell them and not fulfill them is just crazy! You see it all over the web. Companies selling these offers and then they are gone. If I was a reputable resort I would want no part of this.

Even worse is selling promotions in the name of a specific resort like “resort X” with the promise to travel in the next 24 months. Remember these offers are not guaranteed by any resort that I know of. Most of these marketing companies will be out of business when you go to book. So just never buy a promise to travel.

What kind of “hidden conditions” are found in vacation promotions?

There are many types of vacation promotions. Some of the hidden conditions or terms would be around income, age and country of origin. These offers are available world wide and in most cases are non-inclusive or dutch. If for any reason you don’t qualify you have to pay for your stay. Reading the small print on these vacation offers is important.

If you don’t qualify you don’t qualify! I have heard it dozens of times. My salesman told me I was the exception or he put me on hold and got it approved. That is all sales BS and you should never by something that is promised to be delivered sometime in the future.

Some other things to watch out for are not just the terms and conditions for the offer you are buying (hotel), but the terms and conditions of the company selling you the offer (refund). There is most likely no way you are getting your money back! So watch out for shady refund policies and shady “pick 3 dates” type of deals.

How can they do this?

Resorts and hotels lost control of the marketing vacation deals a long time ago. Many companies sell vacation promotions as described above. The way they get away with it is by never disclosing the owners names, corporate name and by dumping websites. That’s right! They just dump that flashy full of crap website you bought from. Now what do you do? They have a new site and new phone number.

PS. One of the top companies out here has had over 150 websites in 15 years. They have also bought over 1,000,000 fake Facebook likes and spam the TripAdvisor forums like pros. At one time they had 6 BBB profiles that were all “F” rated. I contacted the BBB about what I considered fraud and within 3 weeks all of those profiles were gone. Amazingly the company all the sudden had an A+ rating as a verified paid BBB member! They are also famous for the “fake hotel booking widgets” you see on almost every timeshare promotion website.

What is “availability” and “how” does it work?

Availability for each resort program (at least the better ones) comes out every few days or weekly. Call centers most likely never get to look at these date sheets. Call centers are selling promises to travel and not real dates of travel. In fact, no call center can sell you that way because you need to call with your dates. The outbound call center model only works with the open dated way of selling.

Honestly you need to find a company that has reps that look at date availability. Otherwise you are wasting your time. Did you know that most people use these offers with less than 40 days notice? It always takes a week to get the official reservation numbers. I don’t care what your salesman told you… It takes a week and you shouldn’t buy plane tickets till you know you are getting that reservation.

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