Discover Cozumel Island's Fun Things To Do

Cozumel has a lot to offer including ruins, reefs and snorkeling.  Here are 18+ fun things to do during your visit.  Below is a collection of fun things to do in Cozumel along with tour & excursion coupons. 

Each fun thing contains a playlist of up to 100 videos so you can see other consumers advice and suggestions.

Discover A Themed Resort Experience!

Sandos Resorts invites you to discover their vacation program called the Royal Elite Vacation Club.  Discover above retail amenities available to members only.  They offer a reduced rate for qualifying & attending their discovery tour sometime referred to as a timeshare promotion.  You get a full access all inclusive stay for 2 adults & 2 kids starting at $399 for 5 nights.  Average savings is $1000!

Discover the Cozumel Island Mexico!

Punta Sur Ecological Park is a 247 acre reserve containing lighthouse, reefs and lots of beach!  Rent dune buggies, electric bikes, scuba or snorkel.

Here is a collection of videos all about Cozumel Island shopping adventures.  Don’t go shopping blind!  Check out these shopping shopping tours.

Looking to swim with dolphins in Cozumel?  Here are the latest promotions & tours to complete your Cozumel stay with a dolphin swimming experience!

Visit Mr. Sancho’s on Cozumel Island!  Looking for horseback rides, ATV rentals, go parasailing or rent a wave runner.  They claim to be the best all inclusive day pass with unlimited food and drinks!

Take a Cozumel Island food or culinary tour during your visit or set out on an evening dinner cruise and have some Cozumel Lobster.  There’s even cooking classes should you need to learn something while on vacation.

Looking for a cool experience.  Cozumel offers glass bottom boat rides and snorkeling adventures.  Each boat trip or tour is slightly different and may include lunch or even a local tour!

Playa Uvas Beach sits directly on the coastline and offers a variety of beach activities.  The base entrance fee is $12 and includes a 30-minute guided snorkel tour, full snorkel gear and one free drink. 

Experience Cozumel Island zip lining during your visit.  Looks like I could only find one tour deal and it includes Chankanaab Park.  Looks like the Park is $21 and the zip lines about $44.

Take a tour and tequila tasting adventure in Cozumel.  Each tour and excursion is different offering a fine tequila tasting, maybe lunch and the history of Cozumel Tequila.

Escape rooms have become popular across many different tourist areas.  Escape Room Cozumel offers 3 variations of this incredible fun thing to do.  You have 60 minutes to escape or else!

Looking to attack something while on vacation in Cozumel?  Check out Cozumel Island paintball as a fun thing to do during your stay!  All gear and a Spider paintball gun is provided!

Looking for a place you can satisfy the entire family and experience a bunch of stuff?  Chankanaab Park on Cozumel Island offers Dolphin swims, snorkeling, massages and more!

Discover Sky Reef Park on Cozumel Island where you can spend time on the beach or in the Caribbean.  You can swim, snorkel and scuba here locally and see amazing sea life!  Don’t forget an underwater camera, you’ll need it!

Go deep sea diving around Cozumel Island.  Some of the top fishing in the area can be experienced here due to the worlds second largest reef system.  Spend the day on a chartered boat and catch something!

Looking for a unique experience?  Check out these Cozumel Horseback videos and discover an excellent half day or whole day excursion.  Ride along the ocean and explore Cozumel on horseback with all your friends.

Don’t get in my way if you see me on a segway!  This incredible tour and excursion is just the way to see the great downtown area of Cozumel Island.  Rent or ride a segway in Cozumel for an experience to remember for years to come.

Cozumel Submarine rides will be an excursion that you talk about for years to come at every family get together.  There are mini-subs and underwater helmet diving adventures that will show you the wonders of the Caribbean Ocean.

Discover Jade Caverns on Cozumel Island.  There are ATV tours, a cenote and lots of fun to be found at Jade Caverns in Cozumel.  Check out this video collection to learn more and discover this fun thing to do!

Check out Cozumel Island in a jeep!  There are jeeps to be rented for a day of exploration and you can even join a tour.  Cozumel Island isn’t big nut to see the whole island you’ll need a jeep!  Highly recommended way to check out Cozumel!

Looking for some fun with an amazing creature?  They come small, medium large and gigantic!  They also change colors and have been seen bright green, black and in many shades of brown.  Discover iguanas in Cozumel.

Bike Cozumel or join a group to tour this amazing island.  If you love biking and putting in the miles, you’ll want to make sure you have a ride here while on vacation.  After all, workouts don’t stop just because your vacationing in the Caribbean.

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