Fun things to do in, near & around Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach & New Smyrna Beach FL.

Welcome to my video playlist collection all about Daytona Beach and the surrounding area.  There are many fun things to do in Daytona and no better way to discover them than by video.  See what other travelers and locals recommend and than create your own list of fun things to do!

Have a lot of stuff you want to take to the beach?  Daytona Beach allows you to drive and park on the beach right next to where you will set up your umbrella!  Watch videos all about it.

Discover history & museums in Daytona Beach Florida.  Check out the arcade museum, discover old art or visit the planetarium.  Discover the right venues for your visit through video.

Looking to get your Frisbee Golf on?  There are some really cool disk golf courses in the Daytona Beach area.  Have a look at these disk golf & frisbee golf videos and decide which one is for you!

More Fun Things

Boot Hill Saloon & Bar is located on Main Street, Beach side Daytona Beach.  Boot Hill Saloon is one of the most famous bars in the Daytona Beach area

The Daytona Beach boardwalk is a small area that has a mini amusement park and some shops.  Nearby is the pier and Daytona Lagoon game center. 

Rockefeller house is located in Ormond Beach and is a local area museum.  They are located along the river and can be access from Route 40.

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Ponce Inlet lighthouse is worth the day trip and is located and accessed by driving south once you are on beach side A1A.  Drive south on A1A till you hit the cove and can’t drive any farther.

The Daytona Beach pier is located next to the boardwalk and screamer Park in the center of everything Daytona Beach.  On the pier is Crabby Joe’s and there is a paid parking lot nearby.

No Name Saloon & Bar is located in Edgewater and is a half hour drive from Daytona Beach.  This saloon & bar is a true biker’s bar and offers a unique hard core biker bar experience.

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Iron Horse Saloon & Bar is located in Ormond Beach and claims to be the best biker’s bar in the area!  During Bike Week & Octoberfest this place is packed and is booming!

Full Moon Saloon & Bar is located on Main Street beach side Daytona Beach.  This is a basic bar along the popular Main Street strip!  They have beer & billiards.

Froggy’s Saloon & Bar is located on Main Street beach side Daytona Beachs.  They have an outdoor area and offer a great bar experience on the popular Main street strip.

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Dirty Harry’s Saloon is another Main Street bar attraction located on this famous strip.  They offer live rock-n-roll, outdoor seating and a party vibe.  They have Texas Hold’em every Monday and karaoke every Friday, Saturday and Sunday late night!

Dave & Busters Daytona Beach is an adult arcade with food and alcohol!  If you are looking for a great time and want to play some high end games, check out Dave and Busters here in Daytona Beach Florida!  They offer a 20% Military & First Responder discount!

The Cabbage Patch is a campground and biker bar that hosts crazy events during Bike Week and Octoberfest.  They have contests like coleslaw wrestling, live shows and claim to be the oldest biker bar.  Located in Samsula on the back side of New Smyrna Beach!

More Fun Things

Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company (Forest Gump’s) restaurant.  Inspired by the 1994 movies, this American restaurant chain has over 40 locations worldwide and started in California.  They serve American food in a fishing boat setting.

Boot Hill Saloon is a famous bars in Daytona Beach!  Their motto is “Your Better Off Here Than Across The Street”.  Refering to the cemetary directly across from the bar.  Come have a drink adn explore Main Street Daytona Beach!

The Daytona Beach Ocean Walk is the heart of Daytona Beach and connected to the Bandshell and the boardwalk.  There is a parking garage and a parking lot nearby.  The Wyndham and the Hilton are located here along with a dozen shops!

More Fun Things

Located in Ormond Beach Florida, the Broken Spoke Saloon offers event and specializes to biker events (Bike Week & Octoberfest).  They are another famous biker venue with locations in South Dakota (Sturgis) and New Hampshire (Laconia).  Keep the shinny side up and the rubber side down!

Looking for a zip line excursion in Daytona Beach?  With over 40 aerial games and 10 zip-lines this is a cool way to spend an afternoon.  Course 1 has 14 elements including ladders, wooden bridges, tight rope cables and zip lines.  Located in Tuscawilla Park, there is also trails and a disk golf area!

Sea Turtle season Daytona Beach is May 1st to October 31 and is a time when the Sea Turtle lay their eggs and then hatch.  Each nest can produce up to 100 baby sea turtles!  The turtle nests are marked and cannot be disturbed.  Residents also can’t shine residential home lights on the beach.

More Fun Things

The beach wouldn’t be the beach without someone surfing.  Even if you just like to watch, Daytona Beach surfing is another fun thing to do in the Daytona Beach area.  Nearby is famous Ponce Inlet, the shark bite capital of the USA!

Ponce Inlet Florida has an incredible amount of fun things to do!  They offer a lighthouse, museum, boat tours, jet ski rentals, parasailing and more.  There is a 40+ acre reserve here, a marine center and disappearing Island. 

Looking for an above the ground type of adventure during your stay in Daytona Beach, try parasailing!  Fly from 600 to 1200 feet above the ocean!  Located in Ponce Inlet, you will get a bird’s eye view of the entire area!

More Fun Things

Golf!  Looking for golf activities in the Daytona Beach area?  Here is a collection of videos related to local driving ranges, mini-golf courses, golf clubs and public golf courses.  There are more than 20 local golf courses and a bunch of mini-golf courses.

Looking for buried treasure in the Daytona Beach area?  You can search the beach areas but don’t get caught on private property or park without first checking with the officials.  Here is a collection of what others have found in Daytona Beach with a metal detector!

Looking for dolphins and manatees in the Daytona Beach area?  You have options depending on whether you want to swim with dolphins or just want to see dolphins.  Manatees can also be seen in their natural surroundings year round.  Here’s where to find them!

More Fun Things

Looking for go-kart fun in the Daytona Beach area?  There are several places to get your racing spirit on.  Daytona Lagoon has a one go kart track along with a water park and arcade.  Go Kart City is another located in Port Orange just south of Daytona.

There are several local Daytona Beach flea and farmers markets.  During the holidays the largest are open all week but for the most part this is a weekend thing (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  The largest in the area has hundreds of vendors!

The Daytona Beach area has a lot of fishing options including pier, ocean, river and lake based fishing.  There are charters for deep sea, the river, brackish, salt and fresh water.  Here is a growing collection of fishing opportunities and adventures!

More Fun Things

Looking for local Daytona Beach area fireworks?  You can see a weekly free fireworks show all summer long right in the heart of Daytona Beach.  It takes place at the OceanWalk Bandshell amphitheater just down from the Daytona Beach pier!

Escape rooms in Daytona Beach & the surrounding area!  The idea is that you and a group of close friend attempt to escape an area/room by discovering clues.  You have a set time to escape or your will fail and DIE (don’t worry, it’s just a game)!

Daytona Beach has a free concert every weekend throughout the summer.  There are bigger venues too including famous comedians and even some larger more popular bands.  Have a look at this collection of concert information & videos.

More Fun Things

Looking for local Daytona Beach area campgrounds, RV parks or a KOA?  Here is a collection of videos about local places to stay and even some info on fun things to do while you are there!

Bowling has been a family favorite for years.  Here are your options for local Daytona Beach area bowling.  One of the largest in the area is GameTime which also offers over 100 video games!

Another great past time in American history is baseball!  Her is a growing collection of information all about local Daytona Beach area baseball and even info on local batting cages.

More Fun Things

Looking for alligators in the Daytona Beach Florida area?  Although there can be alligators in just about any river, lake or pond in the area; they will be small and very hard to find.  Always remember to respect wildlife especially alligators!

November 8th through the 10th in New Smyrna Beach is the next airshow in the Daytona Beach area.  Emery Riddle is one of the local coordinators of these events and traditionally the Thunderbirds will fly over the Daytona 500 race!

Located on Beach Street in Daytona Beach is the Arcade Museum.  They call it the 80’s experience and you can play around 120 classic arcade and pinball machines with your all day pass.  No quarters, tokens or game cards needed!

More Fun Things

Looking for Barbecue and stuff done on a grill?  Daytona Beach and the surrounding area has just what your looking for.  Here is a collection of videos all about Daytona Beach BBQ, ribs and burgers!

Get your boogie board on!  Daytona Beach has some great waves year round.  If you are looking to learn more about Daytona Beach boogie boarding and where to go, check these videos out!

Breakfast!  The most important meal of the day.  Daytona Beach has a lot of Mom & Pop options along with all the major brand spots.  Have a look at what’s for breakfast in Daytona Beach here!

More Fun Things

The NASA complex also known as Space X or Cape Canaveral is located just south of Daytona Beach.  It’s a bit of a drive but it’s down the coast and an incredible ride!  You might see some gators!

Get your spear fishing on in Daytona Beach.  Dangerous fish are everywhere but your well prepared!  Armed with your trusty spear gun and a few other weapons, your off into the deep!  Tonight’s dinner will be earned.

Looking for sushi in the Daytona Beach area?  Me too.  My favorite was Sapporo’s (now Sakana’s) Japanese Steak House.  It has little boats that carry sushi around a bar like setting.  Here is the Daytona Beach sushi collection.

More Fun Things

Discover Tomoka State Park located just south of Daytona Beach in New Smyrna Beach Florida.  You can camp, fish, Kayak and more at this amazing Volusia County park.  

Looking to renew your vows or get married in Daytona Beach.  It is the mosty famous beach in the world and there are some cool places including the beach to do it!

Turtle Mound Reef (New Smyrna Beach) is an artificial reef with incredible fishing, turtles, stingrays and cobia.  Experience Shark Canyon, Tear Drop and Ron’s Rock during your Daytona stay!

More Fun Things

Looking for something more extreme like skydiving while in Daytona Beach!  There are some amazing views of the atlantic ocean, intercoastal Waterway and adjoining rivers that can only been seen from above!

Interested in scuba diving the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach waters?  There are over 60 man made reefs consiting of concrete rubble, planes, ships and more to help create habitats for fish and marine wildlife!

Have you experienced the new amusement park in Daytona Beach?  They recently closed the boardwalks roller coaster and have created what many consider to be a much better fun park and attraction for vacationers!

More Fun Things

Looking for something to do with the kids?  Check out Skyzone Daytona Beach, an indoor trampoline center where you can play even when the weather is bad!  They offer skyhoops, dodgeball, a challenge course and a ninja warriors couirse!  

Looking for a quite place to eat lunch?  There are many small parks across the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach areas,  Riverside park is one of them.  There is a picnic area and a deck style boardwalk that extends under the New Smyrna bridge.

If your going to New Smyrna Beach for the day you should consider spending some time at the Marine Discovery Center!  They offer free and paid adventures including kayak tours, boat tours and walking tours!  You’ll also learn abouit conservation and local wildlife.

More Fun Things

Looking for a bigger New Smyrna Beach area park?  Lake Ashby Park offers bathrooms, a picnic area, grills and a kids play area.  There are also two pavillions and hiking on boardwalks over the lake.  Camp and/or see wildlife including many types of birds.

Looking to go shopping while in Daytoan Beach?  There are several mall type areas where you can spend the day shopping and getting stuff.  Daytona Beach has high end shops and stores that the rest of us can afford.  Check out this collection of videos for more.

Looking for a park where you can take your dog(s)!  Inlet Dumes Park is top of the list for dog parks along the beach.  Located in New Smyrna Beach, this large 73 acre park offers 5 eco systems, fishing and lots of wildlife!  There is a $10 charge per vehicle to gain access. 

More Fun Things

Looking for a view to remember?  Check out these Daytona Beach area hot air balloon videos.  You can only go where the wind blows when your in a hot air balloon.  There are several companies that offer this adventure and you can do it tethered which means you just go up and then come down in the same place!

Hangar 15 is a Daytona Beach trampoline and extreme air sports park!  They have some really cool stuff like airdunk, dodgeball, foampits and a tightrope which is actuallly a slack rope!  Test your areal skills and conquer the ninja obstackle course!  They have family nights and theme nights!

Looking for a Dave and Busters alternative?  Gametime offers 100 plus video games, retaurant and bar!  If your looking for an adult video game and entertainment center, check out Gametime in Daytona Beach!  They offer bowling and a 35,000 foot adult playground full of fun stuff to do!

More Fun Things

Flagler Avenue is located in New Smyrna Beach which is south of Daytona Beach.  It is the mail strip that leads to the most popular beach area in NSB.  You can find a large selection of bars and small shop here.

Another great attraction in New Smyrna Beach is Disappearing Island.  Twice a day this island disappears due to the local tides and when it is there people picnic on it.  It is located in Ponce Inlet with many other local attractions.

Embry Riddle is located in Daytona Beach and is the world’s largest fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace..  If you are interested in aviation or looking for a campus, this is worth the visit or at least a drive by.  

More Fun Things

Canal Street is another New Smyrna Beach shopping area and is located on one of the only 15 mile an hour streets in the area.  There are local shop and a few great restaurants.

Blue Spring State Park is located about 2.5 hours away but worth the trip! They offer canoeing, scuba, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking, wildlife watching, and swimming.

Love wildlife?  The Daytona Beach area offers a lot of bird watching and you can spot many tupes of bird across the entire area.  Here is a video collection of bird wildlife. 

More Fun Things

Looking for wildlife in the Daytona Beach area?  Here’s a collection of wildlife and places where you might find them.

Bethune Beach is located in New Smyrna Beach and is a famous landmark also called Mary Mcleod Bethune Park.

Love skate boarding?  Here is a collection of videos and information all about skate parks in the Daytona beach area!

More Fun Things

Looking for shrimp, crab and lobster in Daytona Beach?  Here is a collection of both fishing for and the eating of shrimp, crab and lobster!

Interested in ship wrecks near Daytona Beach Florida?  Here is a collection of boat wrecks and places to check them out!

Here is a collection of Daytona Beach area restaurants where you can find an assortment of great places to have dinner and lunch!

More Fun Things

Looking for kite surfing in the Daytona Beach area?  Here is a collection of kite boarding and surfing video and info!

Looking for an old school fun thing to do?  Here are some cool videos all about flying a kite in the Daytona Beach area.

SHARKS & Daytona Beach!  What video collection & vacation board is complete without some information about sharks?

More Fun Things

Looking for kayaking in the Daytona Beach area?  Here is a collection of the many places you can rent or launch a kayak!

Looking for jet ski information in the Daytona Beach area?  Here is a collection of jet ski related videos, rentals and places to go!

Looking for antiques or vintage items in Daytona Beach?  Here are some options where you could find that cool old time niknak!

More Fun Things
More Fun Things

Discover Daytona Beach from the sky!  Here is a collection of Ariel videos taken from drones across the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach areas!

Discover Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach from above with these helicopter tours.  The views are amazing and the experience will last for a lifetime!

There are a lot of old cars and antique car fanatics! Discover the car shows of Daytona Beach in this video collection and find your favorite old auto!

More Fun Things

Looking for a snack in Daytona Beach or the surrounding area?  Here is a video collection of all the incredible goodies you can find here!

Who doesn’t like pizza?  Here is a collection of some of the finest pizza and pasta that Daytona Beach and the local area has to offer!

Discover the many options and fun for a day at sea with this video collection of Daytona Beach sailing and catamaran related info!

Tell us about something fun!

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