Discover The GENERAL Cancun Area (100 Mile Radius)

Cancun Area Land Based Fun Things To Do

No Cancun trip is complete without experiencing some fun things outside of the resort grounds.  Below is a growing list of video resources to help you better plan your adventures and pick the right fun things to do.  The following tours, excursions and attractions are focused on what can be done on land scroll down if your more interested in air or water adventures! 

I am working on a more detailed page listing fun things by the top cities in the Cancun area.  You can test drive it here.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is the island just north of the Cancun Resort Zone.  It is the Island Of The Women and has that cool underwater museum!  Plus you can rent a golf cart and boogie around the island.  Learn more about Isla Mujeres here!

Isla Mujeres Island Mexico

Unikgo Tours

Unikgo Tours & Excursions is a Cancun based company focused on fun things to do!  They offer experiences outside the box which is their motto.  If you are looking for unique Cancun experience full of WOW, then Learn more about Unikgo here!

Unikgo Tours & Excursions Cancun Mexico

Xcaret Park

Xcaret Adventure Park is a top TripAdvisor rated Cancun amusement park.  They offer an amazing adventure and have over 18,000 TripAdvisor reviews!  Enjoy extras like Snuba, Sea Trek and Adrenalina.  Learn more about Xcaret here.

Xcaret Eco Amusement Park Cancun Area

Selvatica Excursion

Selvatica is one of the highest rated tours and excursions in the Cancun area.  They offer zip lining, ATV tours, sky-walk, bungee swing, cenote swimming and even a human roller coaster!  Learn more about Selvatica here!

Selvatica Jungle Tour & Excursion Cancun

Playa Del Carmen

Have you heard about Playa Del Carmen?  Playa has so much more to offer than Cancun.  There is 5th avenue, endless shopping and the gateway to Cozumel Island.  Learn more about Playa Del Carmen Mexico here!

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Chichen Itza Ruins

Chichen Itza is one of the top rated & largest preserved Mayan Ruins you can visit in Mexico.  Over 1.2 million people visit these ruins each year & just about every tour company offers this excursion.   Learn more about Chichen Itza here!

Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins Mexico Attraction

Aktun Chen Park

They have one of the highest rated underground river & cave walks in this hemisphere.  They also offer zip lining, cenote snorkeling, a nature walk & mini zoo.  Learn about Aktun Chen Here!

Aktun Chen Eco Park Cave Walk Zip Linning Underground River Attraction

San Gervasio Ruins

The San Gervasio Mayan Ruins are located on the Island Of Cozumel and is home to hundreds of pet friendly iguanas!  Don’t forget to brings some snacks, they love taco shells!  Learn about San Gervasio here!

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins Cozumel Island

Horseback Riding

If you love horses then riding one along the beach on your next vacation is a must!  There are a bunch of options available on both the mainland and Cozumel Island.  Learn more about horseback riding here!

Horseback Riding Cancun Mexico On The Beach

Cozumel Island

Cozumel Island is worth leaving your resort for the day!  Some of the best snorkeling, scuba and beaches in the Cancun area can be found here.  Plus you get to take a ferry ride across the Caribbean waters.  Learn more about Cozumel here!

Cozumel Island Mexico Attractions

Coba Ruins

The Coba Mayan Ruins has one of the few pyramids in the world that you can still climb!  Over 3,800 consumers have rated this attraction as a great day trip and excursion.  Learn about the Mayans In Coba.  Learn about Coba here!

Coba Mayan Ruins Mexico

Fifth (5th) Ave

Fifth (5th) Avenue Play Del Carmen is a huge outdoor shopping area that extends for over 30 blocks!  If you are looking for hand made Mexico goods, restaurants, bars, clubs or beach activities it can be found here.  Learn about 5th Avenue Playa here!

5th Avenue Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Cancun Area Water & Air Based Fun Things To Do

Cancun is located on the Caribbean Sea (Ocean) and offers crystal clear waters and endless water based fun.  Below is a growing collection of fun things to do in the air and waters of Cancun.  Plan the perfect trip by researching the best activities, sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, skydiving and more.

Xel-Ha Eco Park

Xel-Ha Adventure Park is a highly rated TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence Winner.  They offer an all inclusive water park experience and have over 10,000 consumer reviews.  Learn more about Xel-Ha here!


Skydiving Cancun

Want to do something EXTREME!  Try tandem skydiving during your stay in the Cancun area.  If your looking for a vacation to remember, why not remember that free fall over the Caribbean.  Learn more about Skydiving in Cancun here!

Cancun Area Skydiving Extreme Sport Attraction


Experience a new view on your next Cancun area vacation!  Parasailing is a safe and inexpensive way to see the Caribbean in a new way.  Watch videos and see what other consumers think.  Learn about Cancun parasailing here!

Parasailing Excursions Cancun Area Mexico

Swim With Whale Sharks

Will you be in Cancun between June & September?  If so you could go swimming with Whale Sharks!  These giant fish weigh over 45,000 pounds and can be 40+ feet long.  Learn more about Whale Sharks here!

Swim With Whale Sharks Cancun Area Holbox Island

Swim With Bottlenose Dolphins

Swim With Dolphins on your next vacation to Cancun Mexico!  There are over a dozen places around Cancun to experience this fun thing to do.  Learn more about swimming with dolphins here!

Swim With Dolphins Cancun Area Mexico

Catamaran Sailing Tours

Try catamaran sailing!  Join a group tour or rent a private charter.  Sail the Caribbean to Isla or Cozumel.  Snorkel, parasailing, open bar and food may be offered.  Learn about catamaran sailing here!

Catamaran Sailing Cancun Area Mexico

Scuba Diving

The Cancun area offers some of the most amazing scuba diving adventures in our hemisphere.  From freshwater cenote diving to reef diving, Cancun has it all.  There’s also some shipwrecks and even an underwater museum to explore!  Learn more about Cancun Scuba Diving here!

Cancun Mexico Scuba Diving Excursions & Tours


Take the family snorkeling for the day in Cancun.  Did you know that the worlds second largest reef is right here!  It’s called the MesoAmerican Reef System and it offers some beautiful things to see and experiences that last a lifetime.  Learn more about Cancun Snorkeling here!

Cancun Mexico Snorkeling Excursions & Tours

Jet Ski Fun

How about a day on the Caribbean skipping across the waterfront on a Jet Ski!  There are tours & Excursions that take you snorkeling or through the mangroves.  There are plenty of places that rent Jet Skis for a few hours or for a full day of incredible fun.  Learn more about Cancun Jet Ski Adventures here!

Cancun Jet Ski Rentals, Excursions & Tours

Cancun Area Transportation, Transfer & Tour Services

Looking for a way to get around?  Need airport transfer to or from?  How about complete services that offer round-trip transportation to the top tours and excursions in the Cancun area?  This section covers the top TripAdvisor rated services for safe passage throughout the Cancun corridor!

Entertainment Plus

Entertainment Plus (USA Transfers) Cancun offers transportation services, tours, excursions and just about everything else!  They are a TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence winner for 2013, 2014 & 2015.  Learn more about Entertainment Plus here!

USA Transfers Entertainment Plus Cancun Transportation Services

Canada Transfers

Canada Transfers is a winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence 2014 & 2015.  They offer airport transportation for both pickup and return.  They also offer transport to and from tours and excursions.  Learn more about Canada Transfers here!

Canada Transfers Luxury Cancun Transportation Services

Alma’s LDS Tours

Alma’s LDS Tours is a local Cancun area transportation and tour service.  They are a Church Of The Latter Day Saints organization & a top TripAdvisor rated transportation and tour service!  Click here to learn more about Alma’s LDS Tours!

Alma's LDS Tours & Transfers Cancun

Cancun Area All Inclusive Resorts & Hotels

Are you looking for an all inclusive resort in the Cancun Area?  With so many to choose from, where do you start?  In this section you will find entire video & picture collections to help you make a better choice.  Plus, should you find a resort or hotel that interests you we have listed some discounted specials where you can get a quote on a stay!

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I have only had 3 couples cancel in 5 years. Two were for illness and both transferred the package to family members (who qualified). The third had an expired passport and canceled last minute. The resort let me slide on fees for that one (6 hours notice). They re-booked a few months later. The re-booking fee was and is $100-$200.

Modifying or Change Of Dates

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