Stuff To Know About Screamer's Park:

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Are you looking for Daytona Beaches amusement rides?  Years ago Daytona Beach had a simple roller coaster called the Sand Blaster and a Ferris Wheel as their main attractions.  In 2018, there was a roller coaster accident where the Sand Blaster derailed.  Six people where taken to the hospital and 2 of the 12 passengers fell over 30 feet!  The Sand Blaster has been in 6 different amusement parks during it’s lifetime.  Screamers Park Vomatron Prices ImageToday the Roller Coaster, Tilt-A-Whirl, Go-Karts and the Ferris Wheel are all gone and only an empty lot remains.  The Sand Blaster has had several names like “Super Italian Bob’s” and the “Sidewinder” in years past.

Today, Daytona Beach has two extreme amusement rides, the boardwalk (AKA Broadwalk) area, an arcade, the bandshell (concert area), the Oceanwalk Shops, and Daytona Lagoon (arcade, mini waterpark).  There is also the Daytona Beach Pier and the Main Street Bar hop all within walking distance.  Learn about driving and parking on the beach here.  About a half mile north you can throw an axe and get a drink!


Videos: Screamer's Park (Slingshot & Vomatron):

Where Is Screamer's Park?

Screamer’s Park is located at: 25 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Photos Of Screamer's Park:

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