Looking to Rank Better On Google?

We are always looking for opportunities to grow and to gain more.  If you think you have something we should look at, please reach out to us.  As a blogger, I/we are open to link building, guest bloggers and hotel/resort based opportunities.  We specialize in content marketing and promote tourism related products and services.  Consider writing for us!

Guest Blogging & Blogger Wanted:

Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities?  This WordPress website specializes in the travel niche and grows daily.  If you are looking to increase the SEO side of your company or site, than Guest blogging & writing for us is one of those ways.

This travel site has been growing since it was founded in 2012.  There are many opportunities here for link building and for trading services. 

You might ask, “Why is guest blogging is important?”  It’s important because building high quality links is not easy and paying a company for a link is against Google’s rules of conduct.

There are many ways to automate building links but at the end of the day they produce poor results and risk your site getting banned!  The best links are strategic and in the form of high quality content that answer a consumers search query.

If you have something to trade or value to add to this site, we want to hear from you.  Hotels, resorts, restaurants and general fun things to do are always welcome here.  Consider writing that article, blog post or sharing content like images or videos.

As we grow this site will target major destinations across North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  So if you are looking for guest blogging opportunities, this has got to be one of the best websites in the travel niche to accomplish that goal.

Tourism & Travel Press Releases:

Are you looking for a press release partnership or opportunity to get your travel related service noticed?  This website is looking for your web content.

We are looking publish everything from menus to coupons.  The only hitch is that you must be in a demographic area that we are building in.  Your content must also be relevant to the travel & tourism niche.

Are you a new restaurant, excursion or hotel?  Do you have an existing travel related business?  These are the types of articles and content we are looking for and might even publish for free. 

Plus, if a rep or myself is in your area or planning to visit; we could always trade for lunch or a fun experience.  We always bring a camera so we can share that experience on our YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook.

We also have a bunch of other social resources like Facebook Groups.  Here are a few that you can join and share links to:  Cancun CouponsAdvertise Travel Stuff Free, Playa Del Carmen Coupons, Sandos Resorts Coupons, AIVAT (All Inclusive Vacation & Travel).

So if you have something that you want to share with the world, reach out to us! Lets get to promoting your fun thing to do, see or experience.

Travel & Tourism Link Building:

Have we written about you or your service?  You should definitely link to that resource and reach out to us.  If you see that we have posted a video or picture related to you, we will definitely build on that and create a page just for you.

Networking is the fastest way to grow on the web.  It doesn’t have to be about money as long as your content has quality and you are offering value to our readers.

If you are a hotel or resort and you have a vacation club or timeshare related deal, consider adding us as your vendor!  We rank in the top of Google search for vacation promotion related searches.

We promote vacation clubs and not a cheap trip!  We want to share with the world the opportunity for families to plan vacations just like they plan retirement.  Life is supposed to be full of adventure, but we have to create it that way.  All work and no play leads to a miserable life experience.

Share your opportunity with us and we will dedicate a small section of our site for you to publish your quality content.  That’s right, we want to tell your story and help consumers find your product or deal.  Come play and blog with us!

Write For Us (Travel, Blog, Business):

Are you looking for a writing gig?  I have hundreds of pages on fun things to do in different areas like Cancun, Cozumel Los Cabos and Daytona Beach.  If you know these areas or a specific fun thing to do, I will pay or trade with you for good quality content. 

The content needs to be 500 to 2000 words and can include links to resources or have a resource page.  Those resources cannot be affiliated links, but you can get paid for your work.  

If you are exceptional in your written work and you appear to kn ow or even live near an area that I am blogging about, I have other projects for you.  I also create videos of these fun things to do and use those videos in a very generic way.  I believe that the video boards I created for each fun thing are amplified by adding my own video content.

Free marketing for businesses:

An incredible trade that I have for businesses within any area we are blogging about is a content for promotion deal.  The deal is simple.  Write for us blog content about your restaurant, hotel, excursion or fun thing to do and I will either create a special page or add your blurb to an existing page.  You could also post in the comments to get a dofollow link.  

My suggestion here is that restaurants and hotels take a minute and design something that is highly targeted and keyword rich.  Yes, I am a search strategist and I will check your work just to make sure you get the biggest bang for your post.

Another idea is a small section that could be several pages just for you to tell your story and link build to your resources like YouTube Playlists.  You could then link to us via your blog or site which will aid Google in associating to these links as content you approve of.  Reach out to me for more details…

Special Writing & Blogging Projects:

I have several special blogging projects that include the following niches and websites.

One is this website which is based in general travel related fun things to do. I am focused on vacation and offer vacation based promotions including timeshare vacation promotions.  The site is video based and is linked to a Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.  We are always looking for travel related content that shares things to do in our targeted markets.

The second is a specialty travel website which promotes the Mexico based properties for Sandos Resorts and Hotels.  I love to vacation as do many others.  The site focused on promoting their vacation club and the many awesome things found within their 5 locations based here on this side of the world.  Sandos has more resorts but they are located across the ocean in and around Spain and Spanish territories.  

The third is a website all about web strategies and is my main website for marketing.  The site offers web services and also provides information on why companies should hire a professional like myself rather than one of these cookie cutter web marketing services that really over charge for what they do on a monthly basis.  

The fourth is a website all about self growth related topics like the Law Of Attraction and authors related to self growth like Tony Robbins.  Years ago I started this site after years of listening to audio books in and around the self growth theme.  I believe that these types of materials are critical to the growth of just about anyone that wants more in their life.  I have found that this information has created an incredible work ethic in me.  

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