Video 6/150 Hertz Lyft Denver (day 3) AirBnB complaint leaving my host & going to hostel

Beware AirBnB’s Shared Housing Listings!

When a company doesn’t respond to BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaints it should really make you think about booking somewhere else! AirBnB had more than 5 bad listings out of 6 and even their reps don’t know what they are talking about.

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The back bone of any trip is obviously housing. For my trip to Denver I trusted AirBnB. This was a mistake and I found myself stranded in Denver after more than 5 bad AirBnB listings. Is AirBnB aware of all the fraud being listed on their website? Are they liable to the traveler that is left without accommodations as stated at the time of sale?

I had some serious problems booking and ultimately had to part company with AirBnB. I honestly have found more bad listings and incorrect availability than I have found correct info.

I should have done this a year ago when I tried AirBnB for the first time. I booked a new listing in the shared housing listings. It was for a one month stay and cost close to $1000. The host called me just minutes after I booked and asked me to cancel the listing and wanted me to send cash.

I should have instantly canceled and filed a formal complaint right then. I just didn’t know and if I could go back I would have recorded and taken pictures of everything.

I kept the reservation and told them I was uncomfortable canceling and sending cash. She assured me she was OK either way and wanted me to keep the reservation and not worry.

I arrived and right from the start the listing was not as described. There was no real bed and just an air mat. Several days into my stay she did get a king size bed off Craigslist for $50 bucks. Nice!

Buyer beware!!! AirBnB releases the monies you paid after you arrive, 24 hours. This is really bad and I am sure this is what the host wants but there needs to be a better way. I have direct deposit through Lyft and their quick pay deposits in like 30 minutes even on Sunday!

Why can’t AirBnB release daily funds to the host as they actually fulfill their commitment. My experience has been that once the money is paid the service STOPS!

So on day 8 of last years trip I found myself walking to the local Walmart’s with all my luggage in hand. It took 6 hours and a 1 hour bus ride to get to the new host housing. At least they didn’t abandon me like on this current trip.

Today is day 30 of a trip that I should have booked a completely different way. I for some reason decided to use AirBnB again. Right out of the gate their was at least 3 bad listings that had dates available but weren’t really available.

The 4th flat out asked me for cash and did it through the AirBnB message system. I in a pissed off rage grabbed my phone and called AirBnB. I was pissed because this 4+ attempts at booking took ALL DAY!

The rep could have cared less about the scammer or the bad listing and acted like they hear it from every caller. Through my entire booking from start to end I spoke to 5 reps. Each rep gave me new and different info from the one before.

One rep told me to look for the “instant Book” option on certain listings and that would solve my problem. I did just that and the booking charged my card and then came back as unavailable!

I called back to AirBnB and the next rep said that this was just bad info. The other rep should have never told you to do this. He said, What I need to do is click contact host on the Instant Book listings.

Then I should write the host, verify the posted listing, get them to hold the listings so I can book it!

Are you fucking kidding AirBnB!!!

So I emphasized that I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be charged a second time and the rep assured me he put a credit on my account and I was all good to book again.

This was of course more BS. Now keep in mind that all this takes a lot of time. Almost 2 full days trying to book a listing and now I have been charged twice for the same week listed in their computer.

I called into talk to a 3rd rep who said he would get it done. He said I am watching your account and I can see what you select. He had me choose several listings and then called then personally to see if the dates were real.

Finally I have a reservation and just short of 48 hours to get it done. Unfortunately the listing was not as described. It was a very nice apartment complex with pool and gym.

The host was subletting against the terms and conditions of his lease. He did not have a spare key and I was worried about getting towed the entire 2 days I was there.

After 24 hours AirBnB released the funds I paid and the host went and partied until 6am. I was just getting up when they were going to sleep. I drove to a local Starbucks and called AirBnB.

I decided that I just needed to collect my stuff and go. I also decided that I just wanted my money back fro AirBnB and to part company with them. I really have no faith in them as a company or property listing service.

I am not a fan of AirBnB!


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