Video 5/150 Hertz Lyft Denver (day 2) Getting the Hertz rental car & my first Lyft pickup

I Got A Red One!!!

The Hyundai Elantra was definitely a great pick for the Lyft Hertz Rental Car program. This vehicle hold 5 adult (tightly) and get over 30 miles to the gallon!

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On day 2, I woke up early and got ready to get my Hertz Rental Car. I got a good night sleep for my first night in Denver. My host was kind enough to take me to the Hertz Lyft office located south of Denver.

My first Hertz rental car was a red Hyundai Elantra 2015 and the program is definitely hopping. They even have a nurse on site to check your vision and blood pressure. This basic physical is given to all new Lyft drivers.

The whole process was fairly quick and the Lyft rep there quickly got all my docs set up and my app ready to go. In about an hour I was off.

My only complaints about my first weeks car was how dirty it was on the inside and the cig lighter fuse being blown. The car also had a funky smell and was missing the cords to power the mustache.

I also show several videos of the vehicle both inside and out. It is important to take a video of each new rental. There may be damage that the previous owner did and was somehow missed during the return and reissue process.

I really like this car and the gas mileage is about 30 to the gallon.
Finally I get all set up to do my first Lyft pickup!

I ran the app for about 3 hours and did like 7 Lyfts. Just as I was getting started I stopped at a store to get a cig lighter adapter. I discovered that there was no power there.

I ran the app till I ran out of juice. I then got lost in Denver for the first time. I finally got some power from the ipod jack and found my way home.

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