Video 4/150 Hertz Lyft Denver – Day 20 Looking for an apartment in Denver

The housing market (apartment rentals) are out of control in Denver!

Before you run off to Denver Colorado consider the cost of living one more time!  I pay around $1400 after parking to live in a single hotel room.  I heard from a Lyft passenger that then occupancy in Denver for apartments, hotels, motels and hostels is over 96%!!!  In this video we will talk a little about what I discovered here in Denver while looking for an apartment.

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Hi! My name is Tom and I am looking for 1 or 2 roommates. I have now answered more than 50 Craigslist ads and in almost every case not even got a call back. So… Here is a little about who I am and what I am looking for. If you find that we might get along and be good roommates, then I suggest we go get coffee or a beer.
Please be serious and think about this! An apartment is a serious investment in ourselves…
* With a few people we could secure a place for the next 6 or 12 months and not worry about month to month or week to week.
* Depending on how many roommates we could get a really nice place with some extras.
* There is greater security for all of us assuming we are all good people and look out for each other.
* We may find that we have common interests either personal or business related.
So… How about a little about me and what I feel would be a good match. I am 43 years young, in fairly good shape and recently quit smoking for good. I am 420 friendly, an entrepreneur, webmaster, SEO strategist and all around good guy. I have no felonies or criminal record (criminal intent). I am Spiritual not religious (Reiki, New Age, Love, LOA).
I am single and never married. I have run a business for most of my adult life (general contractor). I am here driving for Lyft through the Hertz rental car program($800/wk). I am blogging about it in video form and ranking the content. You can watch that series here: I am also creating a top 100 things to do in Denver page. Here is a video intro to me:

Some things that will be needed: Internet, Parking Off Street, Laundry,
Location: I really don’t have a preference as I have a car with unlimited miles. The apartment just needs to be secure with parking. If we locate closer to the airport there may be bigger money in picking up and dropping of at DIA. Another possibility is being close to a popular strip (Broadway, Market) or college.
Other Things To Address: Pets, parking, income, your ideas

Follow along… I got a lot to share with you about this incredible rideshare program!!!
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