Video 13/150 Hertz Lyft Denver (day 10 to 16) Got altitude sickness first visit to red rock

WOW! I don’t feel so good.

After almost 2 weeks of duress due to booking a bad AirBnB listing I got SICK!  It was like a wrecking ball came out of nowhere and blind sided me just like doing business with AirBnB.  It will be a long time before I have something nice to say about the AirBnB service.

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Somewhere around day 10 I started to really feel run down. Over the next week I would suffer from a sinus infection like illness that had me in bed for days. Several people said this was a common thing related to altitude sickness. Wow.

Just loving this Lyft Hertz Program!

Follow along… I got a lot to share with you about this incredible rideshare program!!!
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