Video 12/150 Hertz Lyft Denver (day 6)The AirBnB refund is in Plus I got 2 airport runs net $26 hr

AirBnB Refund For Bad Listings!

After being left stranded by AirBnB after multiple bad listing I waited for almost a week before they returned my money.  I should have never used a second hand service like AirBnB.  They have no integrity and their reps have no idea what they are doing.  Shame on you AirBnB for screwing Americans!

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On day 6 all the money that was refunded by AirBnB is initially posted to my account it is Tuesday morning. I woke up early, shaved and went out shopping. I needed several things and over the next 2 days I will get the $500 sign on bonus and a pay check. Finally I will be in a hotel room.

I got so lucky with three great runs back to back to back. My first run was an hour long becasue I catered to the passenger and waited for him. I got a nice airport run to DIA from the center of Denver out of it. Cost was like $33 to the passenger. Net to me the driver after power driver bonus is less 5%!

Just loving this Lyft Hertz Program!

Follow along… I got a lot to share with you about this incredible rideshare program!!!
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