Video 10/150 Hertz Lyft Denver (day 5) Dinner at Shish Kabob on Colfax Lamb & Beef

Dinner On Colfax Was Excellent!

By accident I stumbled into this Capitol Hill Colfax Ave restaurant and was surprised.  The food was just fantastic and I especially like the rice!

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WOW! I actually stumbled into this restaurant by accident. I miss read the sign in the window and thought it said sushi. Instead I discovered a shish kabob place that introduced me to lamb that was out of this world good.

My favorite part was the rice and the blue cheese like dressing that came with the dinner platter. I got this to go and enjoyed it as two meals. Excellent!

Shish Kabob Grill: Family Owned & Operated Since 2004
1503 Grant Street at Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80203


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