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Are You Looking For A More Permanent & Successful Way To Market Your Hotel, Excursion, Attraction Or Restaurant?

If you are in business then you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  SEO is the art of writing or rewriting internet content in a way that causes it to rank generically in a consumers search results.  Another term you have probally heard of is SEM (Search Engine Marketing.  SEM is the combination of SEO and paid advertising like Google Adwords.

There are many forms of both SEO and SEM.  A true marketing solution incorporates a strategy that works both of these areas.  SEO takes time but can have a profound effect and give presence to a business in ways that even the most targeted paid advertising could never touch.

We offer a COMPLETE hospitality marketing solution that includes a short & long term plan!  We use these methods to reach consumers:

* Google, Yahoo, & Bing(MSN) Ads     * Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, & Pinterest Marketing

* Targeted Content Marketing     * Article Marketing     * SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tactics

* Video Marketing     * Web & Social Media Design & Setup     * Image/Picture Marketing

* Radio Ads Marketing     * Telemarketing     * Coupon Marketing     * Directory Marketing

* Location & Demographic Marketing

We have an active & growing social network presence on more than 20 World Wide Web platforms.  Plus we are listed across the web on another 20 minor not so known social services.  That presence drives over 20,000 visitors to our web properties every month!

Here are a few facts to know & the reasons we use social media!

So what is the power of this network?  Why should you publish content through us?  Do you know how big social media is?

Basic Internet Facts:
  • Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world.
  • YouTube is #2 and is owned by Google!
  • Yahoo and Bing have merged their paid ad service together to compete with Google!
Facebook Facts:
  • There are nearly 1.4 billion Facebook users as of mid 2015.  Your probably one of them!
  • 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook.  More than 50% of them have Facebook on their mobile devices!
  • Over 4 billion likes are generated every day!
  • Video uploads to Facebook now exceed daily YouTube video uploads!  Now that is just impressive.  Are you using Facebook video?
  • Over 2.5 billion pictures are uploaded each month to Facebook.
  • Facebook advertising income is greater for mobile devices than for laptops or desktops.  Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Facebook referrals account for about 20% of all social media referrals in the world.
  • Facebook also drives about 20% of all internet traffic (different for search traffic).
  • 30% of Americans get their news from Facebook exclusively.
  • The average user hads 250 friends!  Why is that important?  Because when they share your-our content they are sharing and giving a recommendation to 250 people!
Twitter Facts:
  • Twitter now has over 300 million users with over 100 million active users sending out daily tweets!
  • Over 75% of world leaders have Twitter accounts and so should your business!
  • Tweets can have images and those tweets get more clicks than text tweets.
  • The click through rate for tweets (to a source) is 1% to 3%.
  • More than 75% of all Twitter users use Twitter on their smart phones.
  • Over 500 million tweets are sent out every day.
Pinterest Facts:
  • More than 70% off Pinterest users are female.
  • More than 70 million users are on Pinterest looking for products they want to use or own!
  • More than 75% purchase a product they researched and pinned to their account!
  • More than 70% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Consumers that bounce from Pinterest to your website or ours are 10 times more likely to buy the product!
  • Referred traffic from Pinterest buys almost twice as much as a consumer referred by Facebook.
  • Pinterest has grown faster than any other website in history by hitting the 10 million monthly visitors mark in less time.
LinkedIn Facts:
  • LinkedIn now has over 400 million users and 2 new users are joining every second!
  • LinkedIn now has article or post marketing where you or your company can publish content.  That means your company profile should be telling the story of your service!
  • Over 40 % of the worlds millionaires use LinkedIn!
  • Over 35 million students and graduates are using LinkedIn and will for life.
  • SlideShare presentations are popular on LinkedIn.  Consider creating a slideshow of you tourism business and uploading it!
YouTube Facts:
  • YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine and is owned by Google.
  • YouTube is so big and so much a part of life that colleges are teaching courses on it!
  • 1/3 of United States entertainment is broadcast on YouTube.  Entertainment as in fun things to do.
  • YouTube gets 800 million to 1 billion visitors every month!
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 year old persons than any cable network.

Are you using a SEO based content marketing strategy?  Don’t let your competitors sneak up on you.  Get started today with us and crush them!

We can use any or all of the following methods to create a “King Of The Mountain” approach to your marketing!


Tourism and hospitality marketing through paid advertising works!  Driving internet traffic to your business is just a day away.  Services like Google AdWords don’t just target search results, but can target YouTube videos and more than a million Google Partner websites!  If you are looking to boost your sales RIGHT NOW, talk to us about starting advertisements on Google TOMORROW!


Social media marketing is the missing key to solving the problem of staying in front of the consumer!  This is why we have a huge presence here.  Consumers are using sites like Flicker, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vimeo as prime search engines to see your service for themselves.  A presence on the popular social networks is a MUST if you expect to be here in tomorrows market!  Social media also has a paid search that is even more targeted than Google!  Did you know that Facebook ads allow you to target a specific type of consumer by age and income?  There are so many benefits to social media marketing that it’s our prime focus!


Video marketing allows a consumer to see in high definition what you have to offer!  Video marketing combined with smart SEO is a game changer.  If a picture tells a thousand words, than a video tells a million!  We offer targeted search marketing combined with video marketing that can’t be beat in the Mexico tourism industry.  We offer video optimization, professional videos creation, and even aerial videos of  a property or tourism site!  Talk to us today about how we can make video marketing work for your hotel, restaurant, or tourism company.


Content marketing consists of written words, pictures, and videos.  Targeted content marketing is the process of researching Google’s data to learn how a consumer is looking for a product or service.  It’s called keyword research and it’s the foundation of this company!  We do the research to see what and how a consumer is searching for your brand, service, and even demographic area.  We take that data and write content that targets that consumers search specifically.  By doing this we show up in the search results of Google , Yahoo, and Bing for free 24 hours a day!  Content marketing is the strategy that gives us our edge and can give you the edge too!

”SEO (Search Engine Optimization) MARKETING”

SEO is what we do best!  This company was founded by an SEO expert and everyday get’s a little stronger in the search results, worldwide!  SEO combines targeted content marketing with pictures, videos, and social presence.  Google returns the most relevant search results for a consumers search phrase.  Our presence on the web is strong and growing stronger.  Just building a website and setting up a few social networks is not enough.  These days it takes massive content marketing and a group of companies working together to get the best internet results.  That’s why we created the first and only do-follow Mexico tourism directory!


There are two forms of outbound internet links on the web today.  One is do-follow and the other is no-follow.  No-follow is a tag in the html code that tells Google not to index a link.  Do-follow does just the opposite!  We encourage you to create a “free directory listing” in our do-follow Mexico tourism directory.  Your listing can contain pictures, videos, addresses, phone numbers, emails, website links, social media links, and up to 10,000 words of written content!  Help us, help you by adding a full directory profile that’s soon to be the new “Wikipedia for travel in Mexico”!


Image marketing is yet another tool that we use to reach consumer.  Just uploading images is NOT enough!  Google cannot see images.  Google sees the descriptions and tags written in and around the images.  We use the above mentioned SEO marketing techniques to tag and target consumer searches around images.  Images can now be uploaded to almost every social media platform.  There are more than a dozen ways to use images to strengthen a brand, service, or business!


Coupon marketing is yet another ace in our hands!  We have a growing network of not just consumers following us, but business professionals too.  Coupons allow the consumer to get a deal while giving the travel agent a closing tool!  Our coupon books target the major international airports in a travel destination.  Consumers get hundreds of deals that promote the overall idea of travel to a given destination.  If you haven’t created a coupon with us, you need to do that one today!  Our coupon books will be translated into 5 major languages and distributed intentionally to travel agents and consumers directly!  Your coupon can be a simple 10% off up to a buy one get one free!  It costs nothing to issue us a coupon, the consumer and travel agents pay for this marketing program!


It’s simple…  Promote a demographic area and you promote every business there!  Consumers search for a destination first well before they decide to use your service.  We provide massive information to the consumer through our web properties that target specific travel destinations!  By showing the consumer what their vacation can contain, we get the opportunity to convince them that Mexico is the likely choice!  Once they have decided on Mexico our directory, coupons, and web properties make the sale!


Our telemarketing is less outbound and more inbound!  Rather than chasing consumers down at dinner time, we provided them the resources they need to make a decision.  Convincing a consumer to go on vacation while their dinner is getting cold is a bad idea.  We’ve reversed this process by creating targeted internet content, running ads, and being everywhere consumers are!  Unlike other marketing companies that have just a call center, we draw the consumers to us!  There’s no “do not call list” for Google searches!


Consumers are encouraged to stay informed through all of our social and internet properties.  Whether they join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter, consumers get constant updates, news and special offers to travel!  Our service is so much more than the basic email marketing of the 90’s!


 Almost every consumer listens to the radio!  As a consumer myself I spend a portion of my day in the car.  We are more than a travel service, we are a BRAND!  Everything we do gets branded with the “I Want To Travel To” or “IWTTT” logos and names!  It’s easy to remember and it sticks in the minds of consumers simply because “They Want To Travel To”!  Radio marketing is a simple way to plant the idea that the consumer should start to think about VACATION TIME!  There are two types of radio that a consumer uses, internet radio and everyday radio.  We promote on both!


Publish an article about your hotel, tour, or restaurant!  We have over 35 web properties and they all have great SEO value for your business.  Articles need to be 3,000 to 10,000 words and can include pictures and videos.  We will require the original text version and the HTML code version.  Will will help you add the proper keyword phrases and post your article on our blog.  We will then submit your article blurb to our social platforms!  You will instantly get 25 plus inbound links to your website and to your directory list and coupon offers.  Our site is do-follow and with every article submitted your web ranking can grow stronger.  Ask us how we can make this happen for you!

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