TomsLyft: Welcome To My Denver Lyft Hertz Journey!

Welcome to!

  So I decided to jump 2,000 miles from Daytona Beach Florida to Denver Colorado.  For immediate work & to learn the city, I joined Lyft!

Denver is leading the charge for ride-share driver & passenger rights.  This amazing city has done it again!  Not only can you get ride-share insurance but you can legally operate as per city law.  I haven’t even got cut off by a taxi yet!  Denver ride-share drivers have it made and roam the streets peacefully.

The best part is it’s all just getting started and the possibilities expand to food, flower, & even medical delivery services.  This is just an excellent way to get around and get stuff delivered.  Plus it creates JOBS!

To make this even better, Hertz Rental Car decided to jump into this emerging billion dollar industry.  There is right now (summer 2016) pilot programs in Los Angeles CA, Costa Mesa CA, Pico Rivera CA, Las Vegas NV and Denver CO!

You can now rent a car weekly and get unlimited miles, no maintenance, no worries, just $210 a week.  Drive a newish (2 year old) car, never change the oil, tires, brakes or ANYTHING!  Below is my challenge and a daily video of how things worked and didn’t.  Here is a start to a series that will be about 75 video.  I have plans for several tip video for both drivers and passengers.

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