The Hoover Dam (Nevada & Arizona Border)

One Of The Top Man Made Wonders Of The World, The Hoover Dam!

Learn about the Hoover Dam and have a visit during your stay in Las Vegas. Below is a growing list of videos showing both air and land tours of this great American accomplishment.  The Hoover Dam creates Lake Mead and there are even more fun things to do there!  To watch this playlist on YouTube click here: Las Vegas Area Hoover Dam Attraction

Click to watch, hover for the title or scroll to reveal the next set of video thumbnails. There are 30+ Hoover Dam videos above that show you this amazing Las Vegas area attraction!

Pictures and images of the Hoover Dam. 

The Hoover Dam is an impressive American accomplishment.  Below is a collection of pictures and images from now and dating back to the building of.  View the entire picture board here: Hoover Dam Pictures On Pinterest

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